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     A toothbrush can do more than clean your pearly whites!  It has multiple uses when it comes to cleaning around the house.  It’s great to use for those spots that sponges just glaze over.  Here are some ideas on how you can use your toothbrush:

Edges– The bristles on a toothbrush get those hard to reach spots.  They’re great when cleaning the bathroom sink or the crevices in your kitchen sink.

Knobs– Using a sponge to wipe over the knobs on your stove or washer doesn’t really cut it.  With the help of a toothbrush, you can get behind the knob to get the pesky dirt that builds up faster than you know.

Hinges– Crevices on hinges can be tricky, especially on toilet seats, but toothbrushes can really get the job done.

Frames– Window frames collect tons of dirt and mold.  You can usually get a lot of it up with a cloth or a sponge, but it’s almost impossible to get the corners.  Use a toothbrush in those crevices and it will come right out!

     Start using a toothbrush when you tackle that dirt, just don’t confuse it for the one you use to brush your teeth. =)

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