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It’s summer time, the weather is beautiful and warm, and the outdoors is calling your name.  Why not go for a little walk?  According to SuperFoodsRx, experts and doctors have proved that a brisk 1-mile walk actually burns about the same amount of calories as running a mile at a moderate speed.  Walking briskly is a form of low intensity cardio.  Low intensity cardio allows you to burn stored fat for energy, as well as build muscle in the process.  On the other hand, high intensity cardio (running) enables the body to tap into carbohydrates for energy, instead of burning primarily fats.  Walking will also speed up your metabolism.  It’s a great way to maintain a lean body, with minimal effort involved.


Furthermore, walking has been linked to reduce the chances of coronary heart disease in women.  Harvard University conducted a study of over 72,000 female nurses about the effects of walking on women’s health.  The data shows that walking even just an hour a day, at any speed, will reduce one’s risk of coronary artery disease.  The study further proved that walking more often and more vigorously reduced these risks even greater.  These test subjects only walked 3 or more hours per week.  Yes, women who walk three or four hours a week could reduce their risk of coronary artery disease by 30-40%.


So what can we take away from this?  It doesn’t matter if it takes you 15-20 minutes to walk a mile.  You’ve burned just as many calories as if you were to run it in 7 or 8.  Walking is also more efficient when it comes to burning stored fat.  And when it comes to women, walking significantly reduces your chances of having coronary heart disease.  So whether you’re at the beach, in your neighborhood, at the park with your dog, or even on your treadmill at home, why not go for a little walk?



Source:  SuperFoods-HealthStyle

Picture Courtesy of: R Kate at Yr Own Risk

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