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When you hear the words thrifty apartments, what comes to mind? Are you picturing a dorm room type place or something furnished in hand-me-downs? Saving money on an apartment rental doesn’t mean you have to go that route, and it can actually be easy if you are open to thinking a little bit outside the box.

  • If you can move to an area outside the “hot spots” of the city or town you want to live in, you might just save yourself a bundle. Giving up a bit of convenience can mean adding up the savings. Check around and see what the difference is in rent.
  • Renting a room out or taking a roommate in is another way to be thrifty if you don’t mind the company. Splitting the bills is a nice savings and sometimes the company can be nice as well.
  • Downsizing can be a money saver too. If you can do without a lot of space, you will save yourself some cash. Ask yourself if you really need two bedrooms or a large kitchen. If you can go smaller, you’ll do better.
  • Pass on amenities. Sure, things like a big balcony or cozy fireplace are fantastic, but if you are looking to get something less expensive, amenities like that may have to wait a little bit until you can afford them.
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