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With Austin’s DIY attitude and love of all things unconventional, there are plenty of reasons to make this city home. It’s also no surprise that this city has built a strong and expansive food truck culture within its borders. Though citizens of most larger, more metropolitan areas will be familiar with the forever-roving version of these mobile culinary venues, Austin has long popularized semi-stationary venues that stay put nearly year-round. The benefits are many, including more ample seating, the ability to get a liquor license and the knowledge that they’ll always be there when hunger strikes.

1. South Austin Food Truck Park
1311 S. First St.

Okay, so this isn’t a singular truck, per se, but rather a collection of multiple rotating trucks in one location. Indoor/outdoor seating and a myriad of selections to choose from mean there’s a lot to love about this cool twist on the food truck concept.

Food Trucks Chicken
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2. Ms. P’s Electric Cock
1101 S. Congress Ave.

A giant neon sign reading “CHICKEN” makes this truck a hard-to-miss local favorite. Featuring chicken in buckets, sandwiches and tacos, there’s every culinary vehicle imaginable for whatever your poultry needs.

3. Micklethwait Craft Meats
1309 Rosewood Ave.

Texas loves barbeque, and Micklethwait’s does it right. You’d be hard pressed to choose between items, but we’d like to suggest its signature brisket and Frito pie (that’s a gut-busting mix of chili, cheese and Frito chips, for those who don’t know).

4. El Primo Taco Truck
Location changes daily

Not so much a truck as something you might tow behind one, this closet-sized spot serves up some of the best tacos in Texas. It’s unfussy and insanely cheap, but plan ahead because the line gets long and it’s been known to sell out of local favorites.

Food Trucks Best Wurst
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5. The Best Wurst
Location changes daily

A gourmet take on the traditional street food, the hot dog, this truck is a favorite of the late-night bar crowd on weekends. It’s a way to ease the pain that’s surely approaching in the morning after a long night out.

6. Spartan Pizza
1007 E. 6th St.

Pizza has always been a favorite on-the-go food option, and Spartan Pizza has one of the best slices in the city. After years of perfecting their favorite recipes at home, the founders decided their slices had to be shared. Done in a New York style — crisp, thin crust with a welcome chewiness — the pies are made in an old-school oven salvaged from a local bakery.

7. The Peached Tortilla
Location changes daily

Describing itself as Latin-Asian fusion, the Peached Tortilla in fact defies being described as anything but delicious. Taking a variety of ingredients and introducing them to uncommon dishes, it’s known for giving more than its fair share of diners a culinary “aha” moment.

Food Trucks Vegan Yacht
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8. The Vegan Yacht
2324 E. Cesar Chavez St.

Vegan food has come a long way from the kind of bland meat-mocking substitutes you might remember, and it’s outfits like the Vegan Yacht we have to thank. Featuring a 100% organic, non-GMO list of ingredients, this spot prides itself on dealing with local suppliers to ensure all the ingredients were produced to the highest standards.

9. East Side King
1618 1/2 E. 6th St.

Parked outside a local watering hole, Liberty Bar, East Side King is the perfect way to soak up some of the beers you had just steps away. Featuring Asian fusion menu items at low prices (nothing is priced over $8), its menu changes as the chef’s mood strikes, so visit often to avoid missing out on the newest creation.

Food Trucks Gourdoughs
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10. Gourdough’s
1503 S. 1st St.

Even though many of the spots on this list offer dessert options, we’d like to suggest seeking out Gourdough’s for one of its signature donuts. If you have the room, you can always get the donut burger (!), but in the interest of avoiding a coronary, the Flying Pig, topped with bacon strips and a maple glaze, should do the trick for all but the most gluttonous patrons.


Come check out these food trucks for yourself and find an apartment in the Austin, TX area.

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