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New Year’s Eve is only a day away and you are trying to narrow your list on how to make the most of your night.  Whether you are hosting a small get-together at your place or hitting up the biggest bash in town, there are five essentials, I keep in mind, to plan for a memorable New Year’s Eve.



1. Ring in the New Year with Close Company– Whether you are a single or hitched, make plans with people you enjoy spending your time with and those who make you feel good.  You probably love all of your friends, but weed out any potential bad apples ( aka: those who cause negative drama when consuming too much alcohol) that could potentially ruin your night.



2. Location Venue– You can watch the ball drop by travelling across the world, or just simply kicking back on the couch.  Whichever the case, set the mood by making your own décor at home, or plan ahead and accordingly if you need to purchase tickets or make reservations for the festivity you want to partake in.



3.  Wine and Dine– If you have romantic dinner reservations, or are offered hors d’oeuvres at the Time’s Square bash, make sure you enjoy your food and eat plenty. Enjoy the last of the holiday food before the New Year kicks in and you will also feel much better in the morning if you plan on consuming alcohol.



4. Designated Driver– There should be no reason to explain, but you should have more than one plan for a sober ride.  More people consume alcohol on New Year’s Eve over any other day of the year.  If you are going out to a bar, check ahead to see if they are offering free rides home or partnering up with any taxi services.  It is important to have a back-up plan for another friend or family member to come pick you up if your “designated” driver decides to drink, too.  Also, if you are hosting a get-together, it is your priority to make sure everyone has a sober ride.  If this is too much of a hassle, require a key check-in and make plans for people to stay the night.



5. Say Cheese- Thankfully, most cell phones are built with cameras these days. However, if you are worried about carrying around your new Iphone or digital camera around the crowds, pick up a disposable camera to capture the fun events of the night.



Have a great start to 2012 everyone!


Photo by: boston.com



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