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Are you tired of the same old hand-me-down kitchen tools? Today we are going to take a look at a few must-haves for the kitchen that can complete the task at hand and save you both time and space! The kitchen is often the most-used room in the home, so let’s not leave it outdated and unattended. Let’s add some fun toys into the mix!

A Digital Scale
By purchasing a digital scale, you will spend a little bit more money than you would on the old fashioned measuring cups, but it eliminates the need to store those measuring cups and multitasks for you. A basic digital scale will measure your food and liquids more accurately, filling your recipes to their fullest potential. By getting into the habit of using a food scale in the kitchen, you will also be able to handle proper portion control and weight management, which is helpful when following a diet or making sure you stay within the food pyramid for every meal.

Kitchen Needs Scale
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Tablet Displays
In this day and age, we are limited in time and storage. By adding a tablet mount to your wall, you can quickly and easily access hundreds of recipes. Get rid of all those bulky recipe books and free up more storage in your kitchen and possibly even your living room, if you are an avid cooker. If you prefer to keep your tablet close by on the counter, countertop tablet stands are an option.

Consider Chalkboards
Chalkboards are such a great way to stay organized as you change your schedule, change your mind or need to make adjustments and daily reminders. If you have an awesome property manager who lets you paint, try adding some chalkboard paint to the inside of your pantry or cabinet doors. This is a place you spend time every day, so put all those daily reminders in a high-traffic area while still keeping them hidden. If you can’t paint, create your very own chalkboard to hang on the wall.

Kitchen Needs Chalkboard
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Get Magnetized
When you run out of cabinet and storage space, it’s time to start using that wasted wall space between your countertops and upper cabinets. Using storage as decoration is trendy right now. IKEA and lots of other retailers are selling systems that allow you to store your knives on magnetic strips that can easily be mounted to your wall, as well as baskets that hang from bars and offer you off-the-counter storage, but don’t forget about your fridge! You can even buy magnetic spice tins you can store on the side of your fridge, freeing up even more cabinet space. Start using those magnets and get some of your everyday items into a more easily accessible area of your kitchen.

Go Digital
Our computers, phones and tablets are our newest accessory. We have them with us all the time. It’s almost as if they are glued to our hands. Use these items to your benefit in the kitchen. There are now tons of apps out there that will organize your favorite recipes, create shopping lists and manage nutritional information at the touch of a button. One of my favorite ones is the Perfect Produce App that tells you exactly how to pick out any fruit or vegetable imaginable. Such a handy tool if you are in the mood to try something new!

Kitchen Needs App
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For more kitchen gadget must-haves, check out our list of The Best High Tech Kitchen Hacks and see if you are missing out on something that would save you time, money or storage!

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