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Whether we are searching for the best Philly-Cheese-Steak Sandwich, an exciting Eagles’ game, or simply a relaxing cocktail, Philadelphia has it all. When the sun goes down and the night lights kick off, nothing’s better than heading out to the city with your friends and your best outfit to enjoy an evening that’s tasty, classy, and exciting.

If you’re looking for a cocktail lounge with the best menu you’ll find anywhere, fun entertainment that’ll keep the night going until the early hours, and unique atmosphere to set the fun-loving tone of the night, check out these top places to get a drink.

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1 Tippling Place

1 Tippling Place’s eclectic-styled decorations are an eccentric mix-match of old fashion and vintage furnishings, which gives this cocktail lounge an atmosphere of relaxed comfort and old world style. Their cocktail prices are a bit higher than other equally as charming clubs in town, but they use only the very best brand-name liquors for the richest and finest flavored cocktails. Their food menu is unmatched and is a great compliment to their large selection of outstanding wines and beers. If you’re looking for a place that’ll suit everyone in your party, with a little class you won’t find elsewhere, this is the place to be.

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The Ranstead Room

The Ranstead Room is a classically-styled lounge located just a bit off the beaten path along Rittenhouse Square. This place is fantastic with a luxurious feel of rich, red leather interiors and fine furnishing. They offer a wide selection of some of the most amazing and colorful cocktails, served by the very best mixologists in town. Their prices are quite reasonable and they are real sticklers at carding too, so make sure to bring your identification along.

The Good King Tavern

The family-owned Good King Tavern is all small-town charm when it comes to their design, but don’t hold back on the big-town selection when it comes to drinks. Their simple décor, black chalkboard menu, selective wines, and wide-range of beers gives it a bit of an Irish pub feel that is fun and refreshing, making it iconic as a Philly night-life destination. Located just a short walk from Philadelphia’s Center City District, it’s a great place to kick back after a long day at work. Their friendly service makes you feel like you are part of their family. Hey, you may even begin to wonder if they all really do ‘know your name.’

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The Olde Bar

A place that always has new and exciting retro drinks, The Olde Bar is a must-visit location while you’re in Philly. Located in the Old Bookbinder’s shop, this trendy bar has given a fresh face and some new life to the long-standing and historically-rich building. They offer some of the best seafood in town, always cooked and served to perfection. Their banquet room’s richly decorated red color, tables accented with fine linens and scented candles, as well as their perfectly mixed champagne cocktails give the place an atmosphere of quiet seclusion for the perfect romantic night out.



Ashton Cigar Bar

If you’re looking for some old-world style with your new-world drink, then Ashton Cigar Bar is the place to be for those who love the idea of a thick cigar with the glass of whiskey. Located in the heart of Philly’s City Center District, it offers a comfortable atmosphere with a relaxing and stress-free environment that lets you wind down after a long day or show a tourist the calmer side of city life.

Bring your own favorite cigar brand or check out their amazing glass walk-in humidor with a selection of over two-hundred premium Cuban cigars available. They also have over three-hundred different whiskeys and five-hundred fine liquors for you to select from. This place has a speak-easy feel to it with sleek leather couches and delicious cocktails. Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur of fine liquors and premium cigars, this is an impressive place with an extensive ventilation system to keep second-hand smoke to a minimum. So, even if you are not a lover of an occasional cigar, this happening club with its hip-hop sound and specialty mixed cocktails is sure to satisfy.

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If you’re looking for some local charm with your cocktail or cigar, then check out these top lounges to hang out with friends, relax after work, or bring a special someone. If you want to get a taste at home, then check out our Movie Award Winning Cocktail Guide to bring the cocktail fun back to your cozy apartment.

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