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America loves its fast food chains and its European-centric restaurants, and that’s what makes a fantastic Sushi bar a delightful and delicious break from the norm. From the atmosphere to the exotic dishes to some good old fish and rice, nothing beats it for a fun night out with friends. But not all sushi bars are made equally.

We’ve made it easy for you. Look no further than our list of the top sushi bars, in Houston, that you just have to try!

Sushi Miyagi

If you’re looking for something a little niche, then this place is the top pick. You can get the full Japanese experience with this tiny as-authentic-as-it-comes restaurant. Each dish is crafted with care, unlike some larger sushi bars, thanks to a single chef who’s clearly invested quite a lot in his menu. While this has the downside of slow-coming orders, you can be sure that your meal is cooked with as much appreciation as you’ll have eating it. Sushi Miyagi’s menu is a little small, but it features some unique dishes you won’t find even at large restaurants, as well as the top favorites for even the most picky eater.

Aka Sushi House

When it comes to finding good sushi, you can’t skimp on the bill. That’s what made Aka’s reputation as an affordable spot that still offers high grade food so difficult to believe for most locals —until a few years on the market and a few hundred raving reviews turned the tide. You can bring your entire family here without breaking the bank, and enjoy a menu that just doesn’t stop. Seriously, they serve just about everything, making it perfect for those new to sushi who want to get their feet decently wet. You can try all the top favorites such as a “Flaming roll” that sides on the spicy side, as well as the more obscure ones you’ve only seen in anime. Be sure to stop in for their famously long Happy Hour!


If you’re looking for a memorable sushi experience, not to mention a cherry on top for a great Houston vacation, then Soma needs to be way high on your list. Ingredients and fish are imported from around the world and sourced from only the best locales —the kinds high quality sushi places in Tokyo itself would turn to. You can taste all the standard breeds of fish along with the more rare and unique variety, making it a fantastic place to try out with your foodie friends. The chef behind the magic is a Tastemakers Rising Star chef nominee and that skill comes out in the precision with which dishes are made. You haven’t really tried sushi until you’ve visited this place, and since it’s small and out-of-the-way, you won’t be too swamped with crowds —perfect for a date or a quiet hangout with friends.

Izakaya Wa

Izakaya Wa keeps traditionalism in mind with a classic menu everyone can enjoy. It’s not the hustle and bustle of other places, but it’s sensible pricing makes it great to put on your list of regular hangouts. Try some of the best udon in the area, and remember: the staff is especially friendly, so be sure to ask for their recommendations when you go to order; you might even get a fun off-menu dish. The calm ambiance makes it great for dinner or even breakfast, and if you’re looking for fresh, their sashimi is a fan favorite.

Kata Robata

Don’t just take our word for it —ask anyone from Houston. If you’re looking for the dream team of freshness, low-cost considering the quality, and niche-y atmosphere, then no trip to Houston is complete without a visit to the Kata Robata sushi bar. You might consider it overkill to fly in fresh fish from Japan every single day, but the taste reflects the effort. The balance of temperature, freshness, and other high quality ingredients ensure you get a home-cooked style of quality but with the expertise only a professional sushi chef could offer. They offer specials every night so you can get a new authentic Japanese taste with each visit, and the length of their menu ensures even the pickiest eater will have something they’ll enjoy. If you’re going with your friends, show up on a late Tuesday for the more exotic fish as well as a high quality brand of sake you won’t find elsewhere.

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