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So you want to throw a little party this Sunday, huh? Celebrating the Patriots and Giants going to the Super Bowl? Well, here are a few tips for the host of this year’s Super Bowl party:

Tip 1: Prepare

You’re going to have rowdy activity take place in your home. So make sure you remove any fragile or breakable items out of the rooms where guests will be. Also start assembling a list of whom all you would like to invite and verbally invite them. A Super Bowl party isn’t something that’s formal so written invitations or RSVP’s wouldn’t be necessary.

Tip 2: Decorations

If you’re cheering for a specific team, make sure you incorporate their colors into the decorations for the party. You might also want to bring out all your memorabilia of that specific team. If you’re hosting the party and not for any specific team, then just incorporate football themed decorations like napkins, plates, banners, balloons, etc. I wouldn’t go too overboard with the decorations as the main purpose for this event is to watch the T.V. and not the area surrounding it! (p.s. make sure none of your decoration hinders the ability to watch the game for anyone!)

Tip 3: Entertainment

Yes, your guests are there to watch the football game! The T.V. is the most important piece of entertainment, but be sure to have activities for those not interested in watching the game. Have a separate room for those who would rather chat and make sure that room won’t interfere with those watching the game & vice versa. Also try and have fun activities for half time, like maybe a football shaped piñata!

Tip 4: Food/Drinks

This is a BIG tip, as most of your guests will be snacking on quite a bit of food. So buffet style is really your only option. You can have finger foods such as chips & dip, pizza rolls, veggies & dip, wings-‘easy food’. And make sure you have plenty of napkins in the areas where the food is and where the guests will be seated!! Usually the drink of choice for this manly custom is beer, but you don’t have to serve it if you would rather not. Just be sure whatever type of drink you are serving is enough for your guests to have more than a few glasses of since they will be there for several hours.

Tip 5: Clean Up

You’ve just had a successful party! YAY!! Hopefully your team won! But regardless, you’ve just hosted a party that you have to now clean up after! Don’t worry! If you bought plastic/paper plates, going through should be easy! Just take your trash can and dump everything! You need to vacuum up the little crumbs that are everywhere and wipe down any surfaces that are messy. If you have a few friends that’ll stay a little while after the game, enlist their help too!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday!!

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