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You’re throwing the tailgate party this year, although you can’t seem to find a sitter for your children. How about inviting them to the party?

Planning tailgate themed activities for younger children will make them feel involved but will also keep them entertained.

Find tailgate themed cross word or word search puzzles and print them out. This is an activity all ages can enjoy!

Most children love to color, have coloring pages printed out of with some crayons. Turn it into a contest; whoever has the best picture done by halftime wins a piece of candy or a prize.

Bring a football for the kids to throw around. That’s something everyone can enjoy. Maybe during half time the adults and children can have their own little football game. Cornhole is also popular for all ages.


You can even plan activities for the adults like beer (or juice for the kiddos) pong or poker.


If you want to make the tailgate really exciting, plan little contests. You can set up eating contest, drinking contests (adults only), best tailgate themed nail designs, or best tailgate themed car.

Having activities planned out ensures that your guest will be enjoying every moment of your party, especially if they have children.


Photos from flickr.com by gobucks2, ApronStrings, and massivev

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