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Bars are all the rage in the city, but I like a couple of areas in particular because of their proximity to other bars. Aptly and affectionately titled the Buckhead Bars and the Edgewood Bars by locals, they are areas that get plenty of love for two reasons: one, they are perfect for bar hopping and two, because of the nature of bars in general. Bars are quickly making the club scene nearly obsolete among the younger crowd due to their laidback vibes, the lack of a cover charge, the music, and the atmosphere that you can get without waiting in line to get in the inside of the club. The Edgewood and Buckhead bar scenes in Atlanta, Georgia are great for a “makeshift pub crawl” with your friends. If you’re going out on a Friday or Saturday night, you should bar hop on one of these popular streets to get your drink on.

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Uptown | Buckhead Bars

The Hole In The Wall
3177 Peachtree Road #101, Atlanta, GA 30305

Voted as one of the 10 Best Late Night Spots To Keep You Occupied After Hours and, as one of the top best dance clubs in the city, The Hole In The Wall is everything but. It has four full service bars, pool tables, great music with crowd-pleasing DJs, and alas, cheap drinks. It’s notably a college hangout, but is a welcomed sanctuary to anyone looking to have a good time on a weekend night.

3179 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30305

Moondogs is a great bar that offers cheap drinks, a sports bar, a pub, four pool tables, karaoke, darts, flip cup, and beer pong. So it has something for everyone, which is exactly what the bar prides itself in being. The bar splits up into three different rooms, one with the EDM stage, one with alternative and rock music, and one with the main bar.

Red Martini
3179 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30305

Red Martini is a lounge that is admittedly more upscale than the previously mentioned bars. It’s known for its posh and elevated ambience but with a low-key flair, so if you’re looking to have a night out on the town in style without leaving the Buckhead Triangle area, Red Martini is the spot for you. I like their Wild Women Wednesdays, but their Sexy Fridays are a close second for favorite Red Martini nights.

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Downtown | Edgewood Bars

The Department Store
467 Edgewood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30312

Located on Edgewood and Boulevard, The Department Store is home to some of the best music on Edgewood Ave and since it’s the first bar you see, you might as well stop there first. Also referred to as Erosol, it’s an Atlanta weekend night out staple where you can vibe to an eclectic mix of sounds by DJs that spin anything from jazz and hip hop to electro and Afro-Cuban music.

The Sound Table
483 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

One part concept restaurant, one part dance club, The Sound Table is the perfect way to get an all-in-one nightlife experience. They have amazing small plates of dishes like shrimp tacos and catfish sliders that they serve during the evenings. While at night, the industrial space morphs to a club where DJs help provide you with the soundtrack to your night. What sets The Sound Table apart from the other bars, is its impressive and extensive list of delicious cocktails. Yes and yes.

bar hop atlanta sound
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466 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312

I think more than anything, I like the eccentricity of Church. It’s longer name is Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room and Ping Pong Emporium. The controversy doesn’t stop there, because its church theme can be seen and felt all around you with different images and crosses lending a hand with decorating the two-story divey hipster bar. The beers come cheap and the place is usually buzzing with the electricity of a crowd.

bar hop atlanta church
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Both streets offer a lot of other bars to choose from on a busy weekend night, but the ones selected above are my favorite. Have you ever been to the Buckhead or Edgewood bars? What are some of your favorite bars to go to and why? Let us know in the comments below!



For the new-to-Atlanta folk, these areas are prime night-time fun zones. Before you pick out your new apartment, head out and experience the neighborhoods. You never what part of the city you will fall in love with!

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