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San Francisco is known for the golden gate bridge, Alcatraz, and of course it’s infamous fog. But it has a rich and controversial history shaped largely by the 1960s and 1970s. After World War II, San Francisco become a huge epicenter for American counterculture. Once the 1960s hit, San Fran was at the center of the hippie movement and thousands of young people began to flock to the city. With the emergence of bands like the Grateful Dead and the San Francisco Sound, the city also become an influencing force in rock music of the time —especially during the summer of 1967, also known as the Summer of Love. Sticking to this free-spirit attitude, San Francisco also become known for a gay friendly environment due to its left-wing views. In 1977, Harvey Milk, an openly gay politician, won a seat as a city supervisor helping to pave the way for LGBT rights today. Want to learn more about San Francisco during the ‘60s and ‘70s? Check out some of these tours for a totally rad experience!

The Summer of Love Magic Bus Experience

2017 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love so why not transcend back to the ‘60s to experience what the city was like then. Let the Magic Bus take you on a two-hour trip through San Francisco and learn more about the counterculture of the ‘60s and the birth of the hippie movement. Hop on at Union Square across from Macy’s and time travel back to a groovier time.

Financial District Tour | San Francisco City Guides

Take a stroll through the commercial neighborhood that was transformed during the 1960s and ‘70s. Compare and contrast the architecture and learn how the “Wall Street of the West” was built with the Financial District Tour. Follow the money and learn who pulled the strings and Who’s Who Today. Meet at Sidney Walton Square by the Colombo Market arch and get ready to hear about the golden age of San Francisco.

Historical LGBT Tour | Cruisin’ the Castro Tours

On this two hour Historical LGBT Tour you will learn how Harvey Milk’s arrival in the 1970s lead to Castro becoming known as a safe place for LGBT members. Walk along today’s Rainbow Honor Walk, featuring bronze sidewalk plaques honoring famous LGBT individuals who have made world-wind contributions. Go back even further to learn about the Gold Rush’s effect on the gay community to get a comprehensive look at the past, present and future of LGBT civil rights in America.

Haight Ashbury Flower Power Walking Tour

With the Haight Ashbury Flower Power Walking Tour you get a backstage pass and stroll through a cosmic history of rock’n roll, art, fashion and architecture in Haight-Ashbury. Saunter along the same streets where Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell and countless others made their marks on the counterculture movement. The tour begins on Waller Street opposite The Stanyan Park Hotel and is totally far out, dude!

Enjoy San Francisco’s vibrant history and take a step back in time to more radical days. You’ll be able to appreciate San Fran that much more, with a look into its history!

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