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Move over, Budweiser. America has woken up to the sweet, hoppy, frothy, ice cold taste of craft beer, and it’s not going back.

The craft beer movement swept the nation faster than you can shotgun a PBR. Long gone are the days when your options at the local bar are a can of beer-flavored water or a can of diet beer-flavored water. While it wasn’t always known as the epicenter of craft beer, you know how we do in New York City. The concrete jungle has the ability to take just about any trend, especially if it involves food and drink, and make it 10 times better.

So don your hipster glasses and brush up on your beer knowledge. These are the top craft beer bars in NYC for some life-changing beer flights and perfectly poured pints.

Other Half Brewing Co. (Brooklyn)

This brewery focuses on hoppy IPAs, one of the most popular beer styles in the U.S. right now. In fact, Other Half Brewing Company has a beer called All Green Everything that incorporates 4 different kinds of hops and has an alcohol percentage of 10.5%. They even make IPAs that will make your porter or stout loving friends swoon.

Twitter: @OtherHalfNYC

The Blind Tiger (West Village)

While most of the places on this list have opened up within the past few years, the Blind Tiger is a true OG when it comes to craft beer in NYC. They’ve been around since 1995, and they’re still one of the most beloved beer bars in the city. Come for one of their fun weekly events, such as their meet-the-brewers night or their cheese night, stay for the impeccably curated selection of over 25 domestic microbrews on tap.

Twitter: @BlindTigerNYC

Proletariat (East Village)

If you like your clientele tatted up and your beers obscure and unique, Proletariat is the spot to hit up. This gritty East Village bar focuses on rare brews, and they’ve got great selections from all over the world, including a Swiss sour beer that’s one of the strongest in the city and craft cider from Normandy and Basque Country. They also have some of the best, most knowledgeable staff of any beer bar in the city. If you’re lucky enough to snag one of the 10 stools at the bar, be sure to chat them up.

Twitter: @ProletariatNY

Alphabet City Beer Co. (Alphabet City)

Alphabet City Beer Co.is a craft beer bar that’s also a bottle shop. That means that not only do they have a rotating selection of 16 phenomenal beers on tap, but they also offer hundreds (yep, hundreds) of fantastic bottled beers to take home. Any true beer lover will want one for the road. They also have large communal picnic tables, which is the best way to drink beer.

Twitter: @ABCBeerCo

Torst (Williamsburg)

A lot of craft beer bars are a little too much gimmick and not enough quality and knowledge for beer aficionados. However, Torst is a Scandinavian craft beer bar that’s simple and frill-free; the focus is 100% on great beer. It’s owned by the same guys who started Evil Twin Brewing, and they serve up 20 beers on draft, many of which you can’t find anywhere else in the city. That’s saying a lot for a city where you can pretty much find anything. Their Flux Capacitor, a device that carbonates and chills each beer according to its particular optimal conditions, will have beer geeks going wild.

Twitter: @Torst_NYC

Bronx Alehouse (Bronx)

If you want your new school, high class craft beer served up in a humble, old school style bar, the Bronx Alehouse is the place to go. They offer up a respectable selection of beers on tap and they’ve got great pub grub to boot. Plus, they do trivia nights and happy hours, like a true pub should.

Twitter: @BronxAlehouse

If you’re like me and you prefer your beer with a side of cheese and pepperoni, check out the best places to grab yourself a NY slice and chow down.

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