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Dallas is the home of several award-winning kitchens. Every neighborhood has its stars, but sometimes a change of scenery is needed. If you’re on the hunt for restaurants that will take your food game to new heights, then look no further. We have three of the hottest spots in Dallas that will give you delicious bites, cocktails, and some of the most spectacular views of the city.


Five Sixty at Reunion Tower | Fine Dining

Five Sixty is a Wolfgang Puck restaurant serving Asian cuisine. The restaurant is located inside “the glowing ball” at the very top of Reunion Tower. It’s one of the most memorable parts of the downtown Dallas skyline and where many hope to dine for a revolving 360-degree view.

You don’t need to be major wealthy, or celebrating an anniversary dinner, to make reservations at Five Sixty. While the business casual dress code is strictly enforced at this five-star Wolfgang Puck restaurant, diners can make a reservation-free visit to enjoy happy hour with friends and colleagues from 5-7PM on weekdays.

Pass a few hours and watch the rush hour traffic clear from the 560-foot landmark. The Izakaya menu offers a variety of small dishes, wine, and desserts while you wait, so be sure to check with your server for happy hour specials.

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View of downtown Dallas from Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty restaurant in Reunion Tower.

Stirr Dallas | Neighborhood Rooftop Hangout

For a more laid-back atmosphere, visit Stirr Dallas in Deep Ellum. Downstairs is the restaurant and bar with a semi-chic and modern ambiance; upstairs is the rooftop bar overlooking the rest of the neighborhood and into the downtown Dallas skyline.

This is an excellent hangout spot for afternoons and weekends with friends. If you’re not the business casual type, jeans and a shirt are more than welcome here. There are plenty of flat screen televisions behind the bar to keep up with sports, outdoor tables and seating that will keep you comfortable, and a pleasing happy hour menu with affordable prices for those saving coins for rent. We had the fries and a Rosemary Paloma to sip on as we watched the beginning of the sunset.

You can even bring your laptop to kickback during the day if you work from home or want to have a casual meeting. The bartenders and servers are very friendly and personable. You just might become a Stirr regular.

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Neighborhood view of downtown Dallas from the rooftop at Stirr in Deep Ellum.


Soda Bar at NYLO South Side | Late Night Dip & Chill

No walls, no rails, and no buildings in the way of your view at Soda Bar at NYLO South Side. There is a clear, panoramic view of the skyline that is truly breathtaking. Enjoy a cocktail made by the bartenders and small plates to enjoy indoors or in the cabanas by the pool. Whether you’re enjoying a weekend staycation at the hotel or just hanging out with friends, this view is one of the very best. You can even snap a few cool photos to show off on Instagram.

The rooftop opens at 3PM, but we believe the best time to visit is during the sunset when the skyline begins to glow. If it’s warm enough, bring a swimsuit to unwind and float around in the luxurious infinity pool.

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Panoramic view of Dallas from Soda Bar at NYLO Dallas South Side hotel overlooking the pool.



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