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Warning: These are not your mother’s ice cream cones!

These hot (or should we say cold?) ice cream spots in NYC’s trendiest ‘hoods concoct chilled confections so creative you might never go back to that fro-yo joint you frequent.

From elaborately constructed, decadent, Chambord-infused milkshakes in a restaurant with no sign and a bouncer out front, to rolled ice cream that hails from food carts in the streets of Thailand, these places aren’t playing around — with their presentation or their prices.

If you’re like me and like your marathons with cream and sugar, you’re in luck. Most of these places are conveniently located in East and West Village, meaning you can make a day of going to all five if you’re feeling particularly ambitious.


1. Magnum Ice Cream
If you’ve ever had a Magnum gourmet ice cream bar from a corner store, you know they’re tasty. This European company recently opened up a dipping bar in SoHo, and it is divine.

You can customize your own ice cream bar here, and I’m not just talking chocolate or vanilla. Cover your ice cream bar creation in white chocolate drizzle, Himalayan sea salt, mint chocolate chips, shredded coconut, or rose petals. If you’re feeling a little Beyoncé, you can top it off with literal gold flakes and take a flawless pic in one of their Instagram booths.

ice cream milk

2. Momofuku Milk Bar
Momofuku understands that the best part of enjoying a bowl of cereal is slurping up the sugary-sweet milk at the bottom, and so they made an ice cream flavor out of it.

Cereal milk soft serve is every bit as good as it sounds, and it tastes like the real deal, especially with their cereal toppings. They also have a fruity flavor you can swirl in to make it taste like a bowl of soggy fruity pebbles. Does this count as a balanced breakfast?


3. Black Tap
Black Tap’s tagline is “Craft Burgers & Beer,” but their claim to social media fame really lies in their insane milkshakes that pile an entire candy shop’s worth of sweets onto carefully constructed pint glass shakes.

Their birthday cake milkshake has an entire slice of birthday cake teetering on the rim, and their caramel apple milkshake — you guessed it — includes an entire caramel apple. Their sweet and salty milkshake? Pretzels, M&Ms, peanut butter cups, sugar daddies, chocolate fudge — you name it.

Aside from an ungodly amount of calories and a severe sugar coma, these babies will set you back a pretty penny. They start at around $15 and can reach double that if you want yours booze-ified.


4. 10Below Ice Cream
Along with a couple of other shops, 10Below serves up a Thai street food staple called rolled ice cream. It’s both delicious and mesmerizing to watch.

You start by picking your ice cream flavor, mix-ins, and toppings that range from oreos to mango to green tea to condensed milk. The ice cream starts in liquid form, mix-ins are chopped and mixed in, and the liquid is then painted very thinly onto a super, super cold (10 below) surface with a spatula. Once it freezes (which takes only a minute), they use the spatula to peel the thin layer of ice cream off and roll it up into a handful of, well, ice cream roll-ups and top them with syrups, whipped cream, and cookies.


5. Melt Bakery
Is “would you like that à la mode?” even a real question? Melt proves that everything, even a warm, gooey, freshly baked cookie, is better with a heaping spoonful of ice cream.

New York City’s “first ice cream sandwich shop” creates flavors that are a stroke of pure genius. They’ve got the Elvis (banana ice cream with peanut butter cookies), the Morticia (crackly chocolate cookies with malted chocolate rum ice cream), and my personal favorite, the Lovelet (red velvet whoopie cakes with cream cheese ice cream).



Now, take this list, map it out, and let the ice cream crawl begin. Of course, you’ll need to counter the sugar coma with some salty goodness afterward, so be sure to pick up a slice from one of New York’s finest pizzerias before collapsing in your apartment.

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