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We all know a die-hard Black Friday shopper. They wake up at the crack of dawn, go get their doughnuts and coffee, and prepare to brave the masses, holiday shopping lists in hand.

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Black Friday happens to terrify me, but I asked my buds on Facebook for some tips. In no particular order, here is their advice:

  •  John: It is the most exciting adrenaline rush you’ll ever have, pushing over old ladies to get a $5 mixer… its amazing.
  • Justin: It’s like retail Calcutta and it’s rarely even worth it. Online deals, footy pajamas and Thanksgiving leftovers are the way to go.
  • Megan: I went out last year for the first time. I hated it. People who would normally be indifferent are straight up rude. I do not ever plan on doing it again. Especially now that so many places have awesome deals online. I can wait for it to be shipped!
  • Whitney: I went to Wal-Mart to get a storage container last year without realizing that Black Friday actually started Thanksgiving night…. I walked out with a Wii instead.
  • Bree: OMG it’s my favorite day!
  • Illana: No worries, there’s going to be a Black THURSDAY this year.
  • Eric: Just wait until cyber monday, so much better.

Since it seemed John had the best handle on Black Friday shopping, I asked that he bestow some of his knowledge on me.

Here are some of his tips in no particular order:

  • Have a game plan. Know what you want and what stores you want to hit. Window shopping is fun. Except on Black Friday.
  • Bring a list and advertisements. This way you can remember the exact name and price of your future prized possession so there are no surprises.
  • Wear sneakers. No brainer.
  • Avoid shopping carts if you can help it. They are bulky and frequently get in the way.

I may not go out for Black Friday, but Cyber Monday? Until then, my Thanksgiving left-overs, footie pajamas and I have a date.

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