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Coffee. It means so much more these days than a beverage pairing with a donut — it’s an art. From small-batch beans to an expertly-crafted latte, the tasty brown beverage has become a passion for many. So where do you go in the Big Easy to find the perfect cup? We know just the places. From the French Quarter to Uptown, read on to discover the five best coffee shops in New Orleans!

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Spitfire Coffee (French Quarter)
This small, cozy coffee shop in the French Quarter is great for those looking for top-notch, quality coffee. Spitfire sources its goods from the best small-batch roasters like Nashville’s CREMA, Portland’s Coava and San Francisco’s Ritual, just to name a few. The place is meticulous and passionate about the coffee it serves and how it’s made. The quality of the coffee, and the barista, is unmatched. You’ll definitely want to check this place out!

Rivista (Uptown)
This place doesn’t just have great coffee; it also has a splendidly delicious menu. Stocked with tasty treats like scones, sandwiches, salads, pastries and tarts, Rivista has it all. Not just considered one of the best coffee shops in New Orleans, it’s also a favorite brunch spot among tourists and locals alike. We seriously recommend stopping by for a tasty coffee and bite to eat. You won’t be disappointed!

Church Alley Coffee Bar (Central City)
Church Alley is a wonderful community spot. Nestled in the lobby of the Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Arts Center in Central City, this neighborhood coffee shop sources its beans from all of the very best roasters, like Cafe Grumpy, Tandem Coffee Roasters and ModCup Coffee. It provides excellent pour-over coffee service and drip coffee service in small batches. Come for the coffee; stay for the wonderful community feeling!

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Z’otz Cafe (Uptown)
This spirited little Uptown spot is a serious gem. The coffee is, of course, delicious, but the vibe is great too. A lovely communal feel, customers can sip their yummy coffee while playing board games or reading a cozy book. Another plus: It has a pretty superior selection of loose-leaf teas and is more than happy to brew them any way you like.

HiVolt Coffee (Lower Garden District)
This adored coffee hotspot is known for its excellent espresso and delicious vegetarian menu. Owner of the popular dive bar, “The Saint,” owner Benji Lee serves up the newly popular “third wave” of coffee brewing. These techniques include such things as The Pour-Over, the Oji Drip, Japanese iced and cold-pressed, to name just a few. While serving up a mainly vegetarian menu, HiVolt offers up vegan and gluten-free menu items as well. Great for healthy eaters and coffee lovers both!

From hot coffee to cool jazz, New Orleans has it all.


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