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What’s a trendy city without its local cafés? In Pittsburgh, coffee is not only a culture, it’s a calling.

Local residents looking to find a good cup of joe, with the pairing of a distinctive environment, can step out to the different corners of the Steel City’s neighborhoods and find just that.

There are some hot spots for latte lovers and coffee connoisseurs that should be on your list of places to go.

Espresso A Mano

At the top of most go-to café lists, this Lawrenceville-based coffee bar is known for having some of most flavorful espresso in town. Sourcing their beans from roasters like Counter Culture Coffee, Commonplace Coffee, and Coava Coffee, this location offers local products to its clients, and the baristas know their stuff. Not only are the drinks exceptional, this place also has a buzzing atmosphere, with locals sipping coffee, talking amongst each other, and working busily on their laptops. A tip: try a simple shot of espresso, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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Caffe D’Amore

A newer coffee contender, Caffe D’Amore opened in the fall of 2015 and has quickly risen as a cafe that supports both quality and sustainability. Mason jars line the wall of this Lawrenceville located gem, as the baristas support using Mason jars for to-go coffee drinks. Step inside this rustic-Americana themed café, and grab a sandwich with your cup of coffee.

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61C Café

Every city has a coffee shop that has been serving-up joe for many years, 61C Café is that place. Having opened its doors in 1993, this family-owned coffee shop has seen the numerous changes in Pittsburgh’s coffee culture. Perhaps it is the old school charmm or the array of customer types, that makes this place special. Squirrel Hill residents can enjoy a homemade muffin or giant snickerdoodle cookie, with one of the many coffee options listed on their colorful boards. Check out this location, and ask the manager, Keith to make you one of his mocha lattes, they are always paired with good conversation. If you live in Regent Square, go it 61C Café’s sister location, 61B Café.

Commonplace Coffeehouse

A local roaster, Commonplace not only distributes to many local vendors, but the locally owned business also has three different locations where you can grab a drink. Step inside one of their cafés in Garfield, the Mexican War Streets, or Squirrel Hill, and ask for some of their locally roasted coffee, or ask their barista to make you a vanilla and lavender latté, for a fresh morning pick-me-up.

21st Street Coffee and Tea

When it comes to loving coffee, 21st Street Coffee and Tea prides itself in serving coffee made carefully and with love, which means without the milk and sugar. That’s right, this café does not leave out milk or sugar for customers at either its Downtown or Strip District locations. Featuring Intelligentsia coffee, baristas here have perfected the pour over method and even use Aeropresses to extract all the delicious coffee flavors. Pittsburgh residents can step into one of their locations and sip on a delicately prepared cup of joe, or ask for one of their cortados for a quick burst of espresso and steamed milk.

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Constellation Coffee

If you’re looking for a quiet place to work and sip, this spacious and inviting cafe is nestled on Penn Avenue in Lawrenceville, with plenty of outlets and coffee drink options. Choosing Ceremony Coffee Roasters for their beans, Constellation Coffee offers tasty espresso and coffee. If you’re the type of person who likes to feel calm in your environment, this Pittsburgh café newcomer is definitely worth a visit.

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The Abbey on Butler Street

A new venue in Pittsburgh, if you’re renting in Lawrenceville and looking for a comfortable and quiet place to work during the week, this spot is a beautiful choice. With high ceilings, a fireplace, plus warm wood and brick architecture, coffee lovers of all types can be inspired. Stop in and grab a cappuccino or one of their nitro-infused, cold brewed iced coffees, along with one of their tasty pastries, for a perfect morning treat.

Big Dog Coffee

Just moved to the South Side? Try out some of Big Dog Coffee’s Intelligentsia coffee, tea, or a pastry treat. This hot spot hosts friendly staff, and both a fun and busy environment, for locals to enjoy. When it comes to picking up some good vibes, this place definitely has them. Try a shot of espresso or flavored cappuccino, you will not be disappointed.



No matter what kind of coffee drink you prefer, black, frothy, extra hot, or iced, there are plenty of noteworthy cafes in Pittsburgh for every resident to find their favorite place. Looking for your favorite apartment? Try our Pittsburgh apartment locator.

Looking to make your own, at-home coffee drink this winter? Check out this Easy Peppermint Mocha for a treat that will get your taste buds singing.

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