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Craft cocktail lovers can rejoice, as the drink scene in the Steel City has been met with bartenders and bar managers who are putting more thought and attention into cocktail execution and build.

For Pittsburgh residents looking to find great cocktails (or a place to call home), there are some notable places throughout the city where every drink-lover should stop in.

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Tender Bar + Kitchen

This classy place is housed in a former bank in the heart of Lawrenceville. A “Roaring Twenties” style bar, Tender Bar + Kitchen’s wall of liquors, wooden stools, and candles make this atmosphere fun on any night. Featuring a drink list with classic cocktails and some house-made creations — like their Featured Old Fashioned, which combines Corsair Old Punk Pumpkin Whiskey, sugar, and bitters — there’s something for everyone at this swanky place.

Hidden Harbor

Throw on your favorite hula skirt and hop over to Hidden Harbor, a newly opened tiki bar nestled in Squirrel Hill. If the tiki inspired decorations, with bright colors and water-blue ornaments, don’t inspire a tropical island experience, one of their delicious cocktails will. The Curse of Pele cocktail or their Green Jacket is sure to take you on a vacation.


It can be rare to find a bar that serves both exceptional eats and well-crafted cocktails, Butterjoint does just that. A warm and welcoming atmosphere mixed with top-notch service makes for a great local experience. Their drink menu consists of many classic cocktails as well as in-house creations, such as their Potions Master, with Plymouth gin, cassis, lemon, peach shrub, and bitters. The next time you’re in Oakland, stop by this hot-spot and, if you’re feeling adventurous, ask for a Mercy of the Bartender drink.

Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery

A local secret lives in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, and this is Maggie’s Farm Rum Distillery. Maggie’s Farm Single Barrel Rum recently won the 2016 Best-in-Show Spirit at the American Craft Spirits Association, and they most recently won the 2016 New York World Wine and Spirits Competition Gold Medal for their La Revuelta Dark Rum. Ask your bartender to slide a Chris’ Beachbum Daquiri to you across their copper bar top. This classic cocktail combines Maggie’s Farm Queen Share White Rum and Turbinado simple syrup for a refreshing drink year-round.

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If you find yourself in Pittsburgh’s downtown area, be sure to stop by täkō, and order a cocktail with your chips and guacamole. A Violet Pilot, with Corralejo Silver, Xicaru Mezcal, Crème de Violette, eqq white, cream, and orange blossom makes for a creamy and sweet refreshment. Mezcal fans tend to love täkō’s Daybreak drink, which combines Espolon Reposado, orange, amaretto, almond orgeat, mezcal, and Peychaud’s Bitters for the perfect winter cocktail.

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The Allegheny Wine Mixer

Don’t let its name fool you. This Upper Lawrenceville lounge offers an assortment of cocktail creations that jive with its chic atmosphere. With a drink menu that changes with the season, city dwellers can ask for wine cocktails or spirit cocktails. The Dog and Butterfly is served as a rich fall and winter drink with sherry, calvados, coffee liqueur, pear brandy, and cream. Those seeking a spirit-based cocktail can ask for one of their fun-named drinks, like Dr. Funkenstein.

Bar Marco

When it comes to putting the power in the consumer’s hands, Bar Marco lives by this rule. Bartenders at this Strip District-based bar concoct individualized cocktails based on the personal preferences of every visitor. Instead of reading a menu, customers get a custom-made drink based on their favorite spirits and flavors.



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Be sure to enjoy your weekend drinks responsibly!

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