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When it comes to the holidays, I look for every possible way to celebrate. I’m so grateful to be able to go home and spend Thanksgiving with my family. However, I also enjoy Friendsgiving!

In case you’re new to Friendsgiving, it’s Thanksgiving with your friends. One of my favorite things about this trendy new celebration is that it can be super casual. You don’t need to dust off the fine china or wear your “Sunday best.” Things can be as carefree as you like while still being fun for you and your friends.

Since I’m a big fan of table settings, I thought I’d help those who are hosting Friendsgiving by sharing some Decor Hacks for a Beautiful Friendsgiving. These are simple, budget-friendly, and casual ways to dress up your apartment and keep things festive for your Friendsgiving feast. Let’s get to it!

Pick a Theme

Whether you’re throwing the most outlandish bash or just inviting a few people over for a meal, I always recommend having a theme. It can be a color, pattern, idea, or object. Having a theme will save your sanity because it limits your choices.

In setting up my Friendsgiving table, my theme came from this checked table runner. From there, I added a touch of orange, brown, and gold, and my table quickly came together.

Skip the Tablecloth

Speaking of my checked table runner, it’s actually paper. Can you believe it? I thought using rolled paper (in this case a brown kraft paper and a paper with a pattern) was the perfect option for Friendsgiving.

It’s adorable and will make clean-up a breeze, plus it’s fun for guests. Provide crayons, markers, or pens so folks can write what they are thankful for or play a quick game of tic-tac-toe.

DIY Drink Charms

Having a way to tell whose glass is whose at a party is a must since identical glasses are bound to be confused. I decided to whip up super simple drink charms using these mini clothespins and letter stickers from the craft store.

You can make these in advance or have folks create their own. These charms not only look great (and fit my theme), but guests can easily identify their glass.

A Gift for the Season

I think it’s always a nice touch to have a little gift for guests. Here are two options. First, take a stroll through the holiday ornament section of any store. Odds are you’ll find an ornament that will fit your Friendsgiving theme. Ornaments are great for adding interest to your table setting while doubling as a fun memento of your celebration.

Another option: Print out a few copies of my Fall Recipe Card (You can download it here for free.) in case folks want to write down a recipe or take a few blank ones to use later.

A Place for Leftovers

Finally, on your next trip to the store, pick up a few brown bags that can be used for wrapping up leftovers. I love having these on hand in my apartment for a variety of reasons.

They are an inexpensive way to send guests home with extra goodies. If you’re feeling extra creative, tie on a ribbon or add a sticker to the bag to give it that special touch.
That’s it, my friends. I think you’re ready for a fun and beautiful celebration.

As you might imagine, all of these ideas can be used for Thanksgiving as well. Have a Beautiful Friendsgiving (or Thanksgiving) with the people you love!

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  1. Diane Ortiz says:
    Im a grandmother raising two disable kids. I just had major surgery, dont think we can celebrate christmas. We need a new place to live kids need gifts. Thank you.

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