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The month of March is seemingly synonymous with the color green, thanks to images of shamrocks, leprechauns, green rivers and green beer! But this St. Patrick’s Day (or any day this month!), consider going green in a fun, fresh and different way: Host an “Eat Your Greens” day! An “Eat Your Greens” day or party is a fun way to not only eat more healthy foods but also try new fruits and vegetables and learn new ways to incorporate these superfoods into your regular diet!

Green foods (the natural kind, not the dyed kind!) are known to be uber healthy, yet so many of us don’t get enough in our diet. Packed full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, greens are one of the few things in life you really can’t get too much of. If you’ve never heard of or hosted an “Eat Your Greens” day, we’ve got all the ideas, tips and tricks you’ll need to make this an experience everyone will enjoy!


Why Host an “Eat Your Greens” Day?

  • It’s a fun twist on St. Patrick’s Day green traditions.
  • You need a fun and fresh idea for an office/apartment/dorm social gathering.
  • Your kids won’t eat vegetables, and you’ll do anything to make them fun.
  • You need a good reason to try some of those more exotic things you see at the grocery store.
  • It’s a healthy party that New Year’s resolution dieters will appreciate.
  • Because everyone needs more green veggies in their diet!


What to Serve on “Eat Your Greens” Day?

If you shop at your grocery store and really hone in on everything that is green (again, look for the healthy-kind-of-green foods), you’ll be amazed at the fun snacks and dishes you can serve. Whether you want to dish up greens to your family from breakfast through dinner or host an “Eat Your Greens” party, here are fun foods to consider!

Raw vegetables: celery, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, asparagus, pea pods, edamame, green peppers, green beans, okra and olives.

Fruit: green apples, green pears, slices of avocado, green grapes and green tomatoes.

Sweets: zucchini bread, avocado pudding and brownies with hidden spinach.

Nuts: pistachios.

Salads or a salad bar: Include spinach, romaine, cabbage and kale! If you need some excellent salad ideas, check out our amazing collection of recipes here!

Green dishes: green bean casserole, broccoli slaw/salad, spinach quiche and spinach pasta with pesto sauce.

Drinks: green smoothies (or a smoothie bar!), water flavored with limes, mint and cucumbers.

Make the Greens Yummy!

Some greens don’t taste so great on their own. One of the goals of an “Eat Your Greens” day or party is to actually consume more veggies and learn ways to prepare them so they taste better. Serve dips, spreads and sauces (made with yogurt, peanut butter, caramel, healthy oils, etc.), as well as chips, crackers and breads with the veggies to encourage people to actually try new-to-them foods!

Be sure to include some tried and true favorites that everyone will love!

Make It Fun!

An “Eat Your Greens” day can be fun and silly. Get creative with the décor. Use green plates, cups, utensils, napkins and other décor, such as balloons, tablecloths and accents. Make little signs that tout the nutritional benefits of all the different vegetables! Fashion some edible centerpieces out of more green produce!

These whimsical centerpieces are fun and easy to make. Load up on a variety of green produce in glass vessels. Here, asparagus and green grapes combine for a fun arrangement.

The taller vase features scallions and apple slices for a slightly different twist on the same idea.

These visually interesting fruits and vegetables would also make great arrangements: peas, herbs (parsley, cilantro, rosemary and dill), leafy greens, mini onions, whole apples and whole or sliced limes!

An “Eat Your Greens” day is a fun way to shake things up at home, the office, the apartment or even happy hour! Challenge guests to bring something green AND healthy to make the prep easy and more fun for all! This is a festive and whimsical gathering idea that might even intrigue non-vegetable eaters enough to come and try a few new things!

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