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We’ve all been there —you’re craving one of your favorite places, but your apartment is just too far away, you’re already exhausted from the day, or you just don’t have enough time to drive there and back and still get all of your work done. Some places have their own delivery for a fee that you pay directly to them, but it’s become more and more common for a restaurant to have external delivery services do it for them. That means there’s been a huge boost in food delivery apps, which means you have endless choices when it comes to which one you’ll use! Don’t settle for choosing the first thing off the list —read this to find out which app you should be using for your takeout.

Uber Eats

Google Play Rating: 4.2
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

The thing that many people love about Uber Eats is the same thing many people love about Uber in general; it has an extremely slick design, and it is incredibly wide-reaching. This is clearly shown by the fact that it’s the number one app for “Food & Drink” on the Apple app store, with over 292,000 ratings, and also has over 215,000 ratings on the Google Play Store. You can pay using an Uber account, or just attach a credit card directly, and see the delivery happen in real-time. It’s also available worldwide!


Google Play Rating: 4.7
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

BeyondMenu has a fairly large user base, and is in touch with a fair number of restaurants through their app; that’s why they manage to maintain such high ratings for their fairly simple service. While they do provide normal food delivery for many places, they also provide a few extra options that many food apps do not, such as takeout options and ways to easily place a reservation. You can also look at coupons and browse by cuisine, distance, and price. This app is very popular across the board, with over 45,000 Google Play ratings, as well as over 25,000 on the Apple app store.


Google Play Rating: 4.5
Apple App Store Rating: 4.3

As the idea of food delivery services grows, GrubHub is one of the ones that maintains great relationships with companies, so they can have an official relationship. In fact, there are plenty of big-name restaurants and chains that advertise their food as being available on GrubHub. They also provide real-time tracking for your delivery, as well as a feature to easily reorder previous favorites, and with their preorder service, you can order up to four days in advance! They also seem to be more popular on Android, with over 141,000 Google Play ratings and only about 12,000 ratings on the Apple app store.


Google Play Rating: 4.5
Apple App Store Rating: 4.5

DoorDash is another app that has taken off substantially, and risen to become one of the household names in food delivery, with over 65,000 Google Play ratings and more than 28,000 Apple app store ratings. This app offers real-time tracking, so you can see your delivery coming to you; they also have an easy group ordering service for a meal with friends as well as advanced scheduling, so you can make sure your food comes to you when you need it. They’ve partnered with many big-name restaurants, and are constantly reaching out to little ones, trying to make sure that you can have the food you want whenever you want it.


Google Play Rating: 4.6
Apple App Store Rating: 4.8

While you may not have heard of this app (considering it’s not extremely widely-used), it has over 7,000 ratings on Google Play and just over 1,000 on the Apple app store. EatStreet’s extremely high ratings over both platforms should speak for itself. Alongside real-time order tracking, as well as a feature to split the bill, you can also get exclusive coupons and rewards the more you use the app! Their selection is also extremely wide, which means you can often get food from places that you can’t order from other services.

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