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Summer is the greatest time of the year for a kid. As adults, summer is a little less exciting since you still have to head to work every day. That doesn’t mean that summer can’t have the same magic it did when you were a kid. It is okay to occasionally take a break from adulting to do some of the summer activities you loved as a child. I invite you take yourself just a little bit less seriously, and give these outdoor activities from your childhood a try this summer.


Remember the joy and freedom that came from hopping on your bike and riding around town? Once you are old enough to drive a car or ride a motorcycle, your bike tends to be forgotten for faster means of transportation. Thankfully, there has been a resurgence of interest in bicycling in the past 10 years because it is an environmentally-friendly way to get around. If you would like to give bicycle commuting a try, or if you would just like to recapture some of that childhood joy, many cities now offer public bike rental. This way you can experience the joy of riding a two-wheeler without having to store a bike in your apartment.

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Try saying the word “bubbles” as angrily as you can. It’s nearly impossible to do without smiling. There is something about bubbles that breaks through the hard shell of adulthood to reveal the kid inside. In addition to just being good, clean fun, blowing bubbles can actually be therapeutic. The slow measured breaths you need to blow bubbles can help relieve symptoms of anxiety.


There is no better way to relieve yourself of the facade of “coolness” than by trying to hula hoop for the first time in years. You will look like an idiot. BUT you will have fun doing it! Many dollar stores carry hula hoops this time of year, so you can recapture that unself-conscious spirit of your childhood for a minimal investment.




Frisbees has become an acceptable adult pastime over the past 15 years or so. Ultimate Frisbee leagues and disc golf are commonplace leisure activities for grown people, and they are fun ways to spend time outdoors. Don’t discount the benefits of a simple game of Frisbee between two friends, however.


When I was growing up, the neighborhood kids and I loved to create obstacle courses to complete on a summer day. Last year I competed in a large organized obstacle course called the Warrior Dash, and it was incredibly fun. Adult obstacle courses like the Warrior Dash or the Tough Mudder are increasingly common around the US. You can likely find one in your area.

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Heading to the beach this summer? Pack a shovel and pail with your sunscreen and beach towel. Play in the sand and make a creation all your own. I promise it will make your beach day that much more fun.


Need a break from the stresses of being an adult? Take an afternoon and try out one of these outdoor activities from your childhood. Better yet, pack the right tools for endless fun adventures — long live summer!

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