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Great conversation amongst friends, Instagram-worthy charcuterie boards, and delicious wine, are all the makings of a great dinner party. If you’re planning on hosting your own dinner party at your apartment, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want your evening to be a success.


The last thing you want is to be running in and out of the kitchen during your party to check on the stove. Cook everything ahead of time and just keep it warm in the oven before you serve it!


Every party needs background music, have a few playlists in mind that will add ambience to every portion of your evening or curate your own custom playlist!

Clean Up

This usually goes without saying but make sure to give your place a quick cleaning before guests arrive. Pay special attention to the eating areas and bathrooms, make sure you have plenty of soap, toilet paper and hand towels!


Whether you’re planning a four course meal or ordering takeout, apps are a must! You can never go wrong with cheese and crackers for your guests to munch on as soon as they get in!


While great conversation should be the highlight of a dinner party, sometimes you need to pick things up with a game! Have a deck of cards, a few board games or another activity planned!


Nothing brings together a table like a nice centerpiece, fresh flowers are always beautiful, but there are plenty of creative alternatives!


Whether you’re breaking out the fine china or going the disposable route, make sure you have enough plates, forks, and glasses!


The last thing you want is to run out of refreshments at your party! Make sure you have plenty of beer and wine to accompany your guests meals, but also have a little hard liquor and mixers available for cocktails!


Last but not least, don’t stress if you run out of ice, a particular dish didn’t come out right, or if there’s a lull in conversation at some point throughout the evening. Do the best you can to show your guests a good time and enjoy the party!

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