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Purchasing invitations can be extremely expensive, especially if you’re purchasing them in bulk for a big party. There are a few ways to keep your wallet loaded with cash while having some pretty cool invitations to send out to your friends, family, co-workers, etc. for any occasion. Today for the Halloween party blog I’m going to show you some neat and very inexpensive ways to make some ghoulish party cards.



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Tomb Stones: All you need is some gray card stock, a black marker, and a green marker. Cut out your card stock into semi-circles resembling a headstone. They also don’t have to be perfectly cut out on a line either if you decide to use a template for size. It will make the tombstone look weathered. On the front of the card write R.I.P- insert favorite monster name-, and on the back write all the information you need for your party. Time, date, place, etc. Also on the front you can add grass to the bottom of it using the green marker to add a little decoration to it.

Ghosts: Similar to the tombstone idea, this time all you need is white card stock and a black marker. Cut out typical ghostly characters and on the front add some eyeballs and a crazy mouth with the marker. If you want to get really fun with it, use googly eyes. On the back write all your party information needed. For this card and the tomb stones you can also make them so the card opens up to reveal your party information.



Toe Tags: These invitations are a lot more intricate, but definitely very unique

What you’ll need:

-Shipping Tags or white card stock if you decide to print them from the computer

-Black pen

 What to do:

1. In a word document you may have to draw up a template for the toe tag if you decide to print them off. In Google you can find layouts and mimic them.

2. There are two different ways, the easiest, of getting your toe tags information put on them. You can print out the templates with all the information in them already and glue them to the card stock or shipping label. Also you can print the tags directly onto the tags or print them onto sticky labels then peel and stick them to the tags.

3. Once you have all of your info on the tags you can tie string through it and tie it around a fake toe. You can buy these at any novelty store or Halloween retailer. If you can’t find them you can also make toe shaped cookies and tie them to that.

Filling out your label:

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-Name of the deceased: Guests’ name

-Cause of death: The event

-Place of death: The venue

-Date of death: Day of the event

-Time of death: Event time

-Physician: Host of the event

-Comments: any other information you deem necessary like RSVP info, costume theme, or if it’s a surprise party.


Remember to check back tomorrow to check out some more tips, tricks, and treats in the second part of the Halloween Party blog. Tomorrow I will be discussing some awesome decorations and treats to go along with your party.

Info provided by Make your own invitations

Picture courtesy of blush printables and forrent.com

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  1. I love the toe tags!
  2. Apartments in Leesburg VA says:
    I thought I would be the first to say I love the toe tags, but either way, I just love, love the idea! Thrilling & unique! Thanks!
  3. Apartments in leesburg says:
    I love these ideas! Will definitely be considering them this Halloween. And the tombstones!!! Oh, they simply don’t get old.

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