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With the upcoming holidays, chances are you will be fitting more guests than usual into your humble abode. I’ve pulled together some tips for entertaining in small spaces, so your get-together can go off without a hitch.

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1. Work with what you have. Decide what space you will be using and how many rooms you plan on opening to your guests. Determine how many people can fit into your designated space without it being a total fire hazard.

2. Grow your rooms. This may sound like a no-brainer but clean thoroughly and move clunky items like low-lying tables or house plants into spare rooms. No one wants to bang their shin on your metal coffee table and last I checked, house plants don’t make fantastic plate holders. If they’re not useful, move them to your bedroom.

3. Create a mood. Rearrange your furniture so your guests have more room to mingle. If you can, arrange your furniture so your seated guests face each other, allowing an easier avenue for free-flowing conversation. Use candles with an artificial light to create ambiance without the danger of a precarious elbow.

4. Decide what kind of party you will be having. Buffet? Finger food? Sit-down? Finger foods, then sit-down? Keep in mind that unless you are hosting a formal sit-down meal, a seat for every guest is not necessary.

5. Be prepared. Buy extra toilet paper and stick under your sink. Buy extra paper towels and stick in all rooms where drinks or food may be spilled. A pig in a blanket may not scream ’emergency’ but when spilled cranberry juice is involved, all bets go out the window.

6. Placement. There have been too many times I have eaten at a buffet and the flatware and napkins have been stationed in the front of the buffet. Unless you’re super-human, holding napkins, flatware and a plate is not the easiest of tasks, whilst adding a large heaping of Grammie’s sweet potato casserole.

I hope you can use some of these tips! What are your tricks for entertaining in small spaces?

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