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When the Lynx Blue Line light rail system debuted in Charlotte in 2007, the running joke around town was that it would take you anywhere you wanted to go… as long that somewhere was on South Boulevard. Fast forward almost 10 years later, and development has exploded along South Boulevard — especially in the Historic South End neighborhood. Today, South End is home to Charlotte’s largest cluster of luxury apartments and craft breweries, making it the perfect place to plan a brewery crawl using the light rail as your safe transportation between pints.

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Scaleybark Station Breweries

The brewery crawl begins where the current craft beer movement in Charlotte traces its roots — the Lower South End neighborhood (also called LoSo). Start at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, Charlotte’s first craft brewery. OMB is also one of only three breweries in town with an onsite kitchen (most have food trucks). While you down pints of their authentic German style lagers, line your stomach with hearty pub fare to prepare for the debauchery to come.

Half a block from OMB is Sugar Creek Brewing, which also holds its place in Charlotte craft beer history as it’s located in OMB’s original facility. However, the beers you’ll find pouring at Sugar Creek are drastically different. Sugar Creek specializes in Belgian style beers like tripels, dubbels, and saisons. Be on the lookout for the occasional sour that creeps onto their tap list. From Sugar Creek, it’s only a 10-minute walk to the Scaleybark Station.

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New Bern Station Breweries

Less than a five-minute walk from the New Bern Station is Triple C Brewing, which boasts one of Charlotte’s liveliest taprooms and beer gardens. Triple C’s claim to fame is their 2015 Great American Beer Festival medal-winning 3C IPA. Other favorites — for both their creative names and delicious potency — include their Baby Maker Double IPA and Up All Night Porter.

Also in the New Bern Station vicinity is Lenny Boy Brewing’s new taproom. In addition to standard craft beer options of IPAs, browns, and pale ales, Lenny Boy also specializes in wild ales and sours. For those looking for a break from beer, Lenny Boy brews a wide variety of kombucha.

About halfway between the New Bern Station and East / West Station is Sycamore Brewing. The walk is a fun opportunity to explore the Rail Trail — a paved path that leads through a series of pocket parks and art installments that span the South End portion of Lynx. Sycamore also won a 2015 Great American Beer Festival medal for their Southern Girl Lager. From Sycamore, hop on the light rail at the East / West Station and continue heading north towards Bland Station.

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Bland Station Breweries

The light rail brewery crawl concludes with the Bland Station Breweries. Wooden Robot Brewery is about a block from the station and specializes in farmhouse style beer. The small taproom and patio is always crowded, but don’t let that deter you. The beer is worth the wait. The Hop Rocks Sour IPA may just be the best beer ever to grace my lips.

Finally, wrap up the crawl at Unknown Brewing, which is known for using the light rail to stage their own crawls and crazy shenanigans like the No Pants Light Rail Ride. Yes, you guessed it. A group of rebel-rousers rode the light rail in their skivvies for charity. Most other nights, patrons are wearing pants. However, given that Unknown Brewing is the seventh and final brewery…



Charlotte is home to many more breweries than those listed above, but you’ll have to take an Uber to explore the rest.

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