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The city of Atlanta, Georgia, is known for being a great town for video games. With several conventions taking place each year, and more and more game developing companies popping up, it’s no surprise that Atlanta is home to lots of social hubs for video game fans as well. But where can you go to meet up with fellow fans and also play video games onsite? Here are some places where gamers both visiting and native to Atlanta can have fun without having to bring their own equipment.


Whether you’re a video game expert or more of an occasional player, Game-X should definitely be on your list of places to see in Atlanta. It’s located at 275 Baker Street and sports a truly amazing number of activities, including lots of video games as well as some other classics, like air hockey. More into smartphone games? You can try favorites like Fruit Ninja on a 60-inch touchscreen. Food and drinks (alcoholic or otherwise) are also available, and you can even earn e-tickets to redeem in their equally amazing prize room.

Twitter: @GameXATL

Battle and Brew

If you have time for a brief commute, you can find Battle and Brew at 5920 Rosewell Road, Sandy Springs, GA – about a half hour drive from Atlanta. A bar founded specifically with gamers in mind, this place offers trivia nights, four PokeStops, and rentable TVs and gaming consoles, so you can hang out with other gamers and have lots of options when it comes to what you should play. No matter the type of gaming you like best, you’re bound to find some here, not to mention lots of cool people to play them with.

Twitter: @BattleAndBrew

Joystick Gamebar

Feeling nostalgic for the classic arcade games of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s? Well, they’re waiting for you at 427 Edgewood Ave SE. Joystick has two main focuses: a friendly, community-geared atmosphere, and lots of vintage games. They’ve got several classics, such as Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac-man, but they do tend to rotate their collection, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t see exactly the game you were hoping to! Each one costs a quarter to play, but don’t worry: they’ve got a change machine and an ATM you can get singles from.

Twitter: @Joystick_ATL

Phoenix Amusements

If you want onsite video games for an event of your own, Phoenix Amusements has you covered. You can find them at 3449 Buffington Center, where they have an impressive inventory of classic arcade and racing games (and some other cool stuff) available to rent. This company has been around since 1959, when it was founded as primarily a jukebox repair service, so they know a thing or two about tech and entertainment from the last several decades.

Twitter: @eventsage

Main Event

For people who can’t or don’t drink, or just aren’t into the bar scene, this is a great alternative to the various gaming bars in the Atlanta area. It’s also a great place to bring kids! Main Event is actually a business that operates all over the country, but their Atlanta location can be found at 3101 Cobb Pkwy SE #104. They are available for group events and with over 100 games, they most likely have something that everyone in your party can enjoy. In addition to several video games, you can get some exercise with bowling, laser tag, and even gravity ropes. You can earn and redeem points for cool prizes as well.

Twitter: @MyMainEvent


If you’re 21 or older and into sports as well as video games, check out Highlander at 931 Monroe Dr. NE #101. This place will be a great find for anyone who’s ever wished they could play video games while waiting for their food at a restaurant. Highland’s two centerpieces are really their great food and their sports bar atmosphere, but they’ve also got a game room where you can play to your heart’s content. If the people you’re dining with aren’t into video games, they can still have fun with the air hockey, pinball machine, and pool tables. Keep in mind though, this isn’t a smoke-free environment, so if some smoke in the air is a turn-off, this might not be the place for you.

Twitter: @TheHighlander11

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