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The heat in Dallas usually begins to blaze by July and doesn’t even begin to think about letting up until around early September, so the pool party scene is real here! If you live in an apartment, you more than likely have access to a facility with a pool, but if you’re renting a home you may need to seek options for poolside fun in the city.

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Keep it Free! Check Your Own Property

Before venturing out, check your own “backyard” for a quick, free option! If you’re renting an apartment, you should have access to a pool. Accessing it may be as simple as opening the gate, or you may need to visit your office for a gate code or wristband. Want to have a party or friends over? Just ask management first for their guidelines and rules. Make sure you follow the guest limit, hours of operation and any other set rules to avoid unnecessary conflict.

Also, check your community updates frequently for pool parties thrown by the apartment staff check.

Still don’t have access? Try asking a friend if you can be their guest at the pool on their property.


Purchase a Day Pass at a Hotel

If you just want to switch up the scenery for a day from your usual pool scene, try purchasing a day pass a hotel that offers them! This is a great way to “escape” for a day at a one-time cost especially if you’re looking for a tranquil, summer poolside experience. Keep in mind that hotels are often changing their policies for non-guests, but here are a few that currently allow the purchase of day passes this season:



Dine & Sip Cocktails Poolside

Dining poolside is a great option for those who simply want the vibes minus taking a dip.

Hotel Zaza in Uptown is one of our favorite hotels with a set poolside menu from their restaurant, Dragonfly, that is open to the public! However, priority is given to hotel guests, of course. There is a selection of bites and delicious cocktails to choose from and the poolside vibes are amazing whether you’re going in the middle of a weekday or when the Texas heat cools in the evening. It is definitely one of the most chic and Instagram-worthy pools in Dallas, but keep in mind that the pool may be closed for private events on some days or evenings.

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The Highland Dallas restaurant, Knife, and The Adolphus also offer poolside dining.


Find a Day Party!

For the younger crowd, day parties are the new hot thing and they’re on the rise in Dallas! Keep your eyes and ears open especially on platforms Instagram and Eventbrite to find free or low cost parties to attend on rooftops and at pools. Some hotels will even host events at their pools with appetizers, cash bars, and live music open to the public on specific days each week. Check social media accounts and website calendars for schedules each summer.

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This summer, Social Revolt has teamed up with WET Deck on the 16th floor of W Victory to host Summer Sundaze from 12-6PM. Gaze across the Dallas skyline while taking a dip with summer cocktails, bites and a live DJ every Sunday through September 3rd starting at $20 per ticket. Special dates include July 4th and September 4th. Amplify your summer!


Need more options with spectacular views? Check out some of our favorite Dallas bars and restaurants!

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