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Looking for plans and ideas to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Celebrate and entertain guests in your apartment with these ideas for a memorable event:

Many holidays and seasons have endless wreath crafts, why not St. Patrick’s Day? Create your own DIY St. Patrick’s Day wreath to embrace the festivities. Avoid putting a nail through your door by using a hanger to slip over the door or use ribbon and an adhesive hook to create your own wreath hanger.

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 Source: Apartment Therapy

Do you want to try something different? Consider going for an Irish Pub theme and dress up for the occasion by asking your guests to wear argyle. Don’t forget to include a pub sign and add bar glasses and coasters to your décor!

Food & Drinks
Throw a potluck dinner or offer finger foods such as little ham and cucumber sandwiches with Guinness mustard, chips and guacamole, and shamrock cookies. Impress your guests with Irish beef stew, bacon and cabbage, or this recipe for steak and Guinness pie and mouthwatering shepards pie.

Provide drinks such as the classic Guinness beer, Murphy’s Irish Red Ale, or mix your own signature cocktail using this recipe for “green leprechaun”. Make it an alcohol-free event by serving a green drink like Hawaiian Punch’s Green Berry Rush or add limes to a lemonade pitcher instead.

Play Celtic music in the background to get the party started! Consider activities such as a limerick contest, dartboard competition, and watching movies like “Leap Year”, “Gangs of New York”, “The Departed”, or “Ondine”.

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Fill small shamrock decorated bags with chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil as party favors for your guests to remember the event when they are at home. Learn more about the history of St. Patrick’s Day this week and get inspired by the ForRent.com St. Patrick’s Day Pinterest Board to get more ideas for this holiday.

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