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There’s nothing positive about stress.  You lose sleep, gain weight and constantly feel like pulling your hair out.  When I’m stressed I either don’t eat or eat unhealthy food, both of which are bad.  Luckily, there are several foods that have been found to control stress and keep your metabolism at its best:

Whole grains– Pull out the pasta and garlic bread.  Carbohydrates can be your friend.  It’s alright to resort to your comfort food once in awhile, even if it’s not the healthiest.  Carbohydrates help to stimulate the brain’s “feel good” chemical that makes you happy and also decreases your appetite.  Remember though, oatmeal is also a good source of this, so if you can resist, choose this over those butter filled mashed potatoes.

Eggs– This protein filled food can help to boost your mood and maintain your appetite, so have a plate for breakfast. =)

Milk– Similar to eggs, the protein in a glass of milk can help calm you, so it’s a great thing to have before a big test or interview.

Wine– A glass of wine can be just the ticket after a long day.  It’ll make you feel calm and relaxed.  Stick to just one glass because alcohol is also a depressant, so you don’t want it making you feel worse!

When all else fails, get a massage. =)

Photo Credits: Alan Cleaver

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