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It is publicized all over the nation that unemployment rates are rising, homes are still going into foreclosures and prices are increasing on necessary goods. During these times it really seems hard to find something to be thankful for. Our minds tend to remember the bad things much more easily than the good, but there are many blessings in everyone’s life.

I took a quick poll of a few friends, just to see what others will be giving thanks for this year. The most important thing I can say I am grateful for is family and friends. And I’m not alone. The overall consensus of what to be thankful for this year wasn’t about money. It was about good health for you and your family, pets, friends, community outreach programs as well as giving back to the community.

So while times are tough, it’s important to remember what you are thankful for, especially this year. Take a moment to really think about all the little blessings in your life. It can be something as simple as a child’s smile or a green light when you’re running late. Whatever it is, I hope you take the time to really appreciate it. On behalf of For Rent Media Solutions, I wish you a very happy and appreciative Thanksgiving!

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  1. A good note about Thanksgiving. You are very right and most people forget about the nice and often times the only small things and joys in life and remember only the bad that happened to them.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too

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