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I am super excited about today’s blog! My friend Jenn made adorable Thanksgiving cake pops, and documented her every step! I wish I could channel half of the Julia Child that she seems to have channeled! Check out more of Jenn’s culinary awesomeness at Jenn Cooks And Cakes!


The Holiday’s just seem to lend themselves to all things tacky. I will not be getting out my Rudolph sweatshirt, accept of course for an ugly sweater party, but I did make my first character cake pops. Here’s my attempt at turkeys and pumpkins. Happy Thanksgiving!


It might have been just as much fun finding just the right sprinkles and candies to complete the turkey beaks, eyes and feathers as it was to make these little guys. I chose Whoppers for the turkey heads, chocolate candy coated sunflower seeds for the beaks, leaf shaped red sprinkles for the distinctly turkey wattle, and some Duff black chocolate for the eyes.


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As creepy as my little turkey heads are laying around body-less, I was delighted at how they came out.