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The diner is an icon of American cuisine, a place immortalized by Edward Hopper in his painting “Nighthawks” and in countless movies, from “Reservoir Dogs” to “Swingers.” Unfussy cuisine and low prices, combined (often) with a timeless décor, means diners serve not only great food but a healthy helping of nostalgia to boot. Sure, you can always serve yourself up a short stack with all the toppings, but no matter where you are, a good diner can’t be far away.

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The Blue Benn
318 North St., Bennington, VT
Disassembled in its entirety and shipped from Jersey to Bennington, Vermont, in 1948, this spot is a love letter to the classic American diner. With post-war décor and a jukebox that gives you two songs for 25 cents, the only downside to this piece of Americana is making the decision between a counter seat or a booth.

66 Diner
1405 Central Ave. NE, Albuquerque, NM
Looking to get your kicks on Route 66? There’s no better spot than Albuquerque’s 66 Diner. Neon lighting, checkerboard floors and a jukebox anchor this place in decades past. If you can, make sure to stop in during “trucker’s hours,” when you can order from the special “blue plate” menu at a serious discount.

Mickey’s Dining Car
36 7th Street W., St Paul, MN
First opened in 1930, Mickey’s has been serving hungry customers 24/7, 365 days a year since 1930(!). Featured on countless Food Network shows and movies alike (“The Mighty Ducks!”), this iconic St. Paul landmark is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Good food at a great price; it’s no wonder Mickey’s Dining Car endures to this day.

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A1 Diner
3 Bridge St., Gardiner, ME
Diner food tends to be synonymous with being somewhat low quality, but that’s not the case at the A1. In operation since 1946, the A1 is known for sourcing local ingredients whenever possible, making it a local landmark and a favorite of those in the know. Pro tip? It’s renowned for its seasonal desserts, so be sure to save some room for something sweet.

Snow City Café
1034 W. 4th Ave., Anchorage, AK
Located all the way up in Anchorage, Alaska, the Snow City Café has become notorious for its unique local concoctions. Crab omelets? Reindeer sausage? These are the kinds of menu items you’ll only find at Snow City.

Lucy’s Diner
3120 W. MLK Blvd. Fayetteville, AR
Open 24/7 in Fayetteville, Arkansas, this diner is renowned for its signature hash browns, which you can order almost any way under the sun. We recommend the smothered, peppered and chunked version. You can’t go wrong.

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OK Café
1284 W. Paces Ferry Road, Atlanta, GA
This Atlanta landmark is a classic American diner done Southern style. Look for menu items like fried jalapeños, house-made grits and expertly prepared fried chicken. Make sure to set aside enough time, though, because food like this means that the lines are long during peak hours.

White Palace Grill
1159 S. Canal St., Chicago, IL
A Chicago landmark, the White Palace Grill has been serving hungry Chicagoans 24 hours a day since 1939. With classic diner décor and the (purportedly) best short ribs in the Windy City, this is a must-stop spot if you’re looking for hearty American fare.

The Breakfast Club
1500 Butler Ave., Tybee, GA
Granted, you’ll have to brave the notoriously long lines, but this beachfront spot is well worth the wait. Classic American diner food is combined with signature seasonal items incorporating the local seafood. Sure, the wait can be long, but you’ll be staring at the ocean view, so who can really complain?

Brent’s Drugs
655 Duling Ave., Jackson, MS
First opening its doors in 1946, Brent’s Drugs still maintains that classic soda-fountain feel that it had when it first opened. Order mouthwatering items like the French toast sandwich while you bide your time. Why? Well, Brent’s is home to one of the best cocktail bars in the region, tucked away in the back.

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  1. I’m grew up on Tybee during the 80’s and 90’s but until last year i hadn’t been back for 10 years. Visited the Breakfast Club and it was still just as I remembered it. On a Wednesday morning, it is pretty quiet so we enjoyed a great breakfast. Until a ghost smacked me. TWICE. I think my old crazy stepfather and the old man that owned the Breakfast Club were having a good laugh and sending paybacks for all the bad stuff we did as a teenagers.

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