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The Top 4 Dallas Participatory Events You Can’t Miss

There’s a reason we put art on display and our best performers on a stage —but unfortunately, that creates a very “out of reach” atmosphere; something to be admired from afar but not truly understood on a personal level.

That’s why some of the best museums and concerts in Dallas are focused on making art an experience audiences can sink their teeth into. No more watching from the sidelines; whether it’s a fun daytrip to get involved in paintings or a few weeks of your time to be a star on stage, the show won’t go on without your participation!

Here is a list of the best participatory event locations you can’t miss out on:

Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Museum of Art

Plenty of children’s museums have specialized areas for arts and crafts to help them learn about the culture they’re experiencing. At the Dallas Museum of Art —they’ve taken it up a level, and made it for adults no less. Every month they have new activities to keep visitors on their toes, with one of their most popular centers focusing on portrait drawing. Plant yourself down on an oddly-shaped chair with a stand in front of you, and while you view the beautiful works of professional art on the wall, try your hand at sketching out your own portraits. No matter how shy you are, tourists and locals alike confess to having more fun than they imagined they would. After that, wander to their second center where you can take everyday materials such as egg cartons or colorful paper, and repurpose them into creative structures. Think of pianos, rocket ships, and glasses at this museum, art isn’t just meant to be viewed, but also experienced and enjoyed first-hand. Rope your friends into coming along or bring the kiddos to show them an upgraded kind of art experience.

The Dallas Theater Center

Everyone loves a good show, but who says it should only be left to the professionals? If you want to stretch your creative muscles and embrace a chance to shine on the big stage, then it’s time to stop by The Dallas Theater Center. Serving as a way to mark off a huge item from your bucket list, learn some new skills, or just have some quality fun with your friends, joining their new participatory arts program gives you a chance to make the show your own while giving a beautiful performance. The gap between expert and amateur is being bridged for current and upcoming plays, where out of a cast of over 200, only five are professional actors. While some weeks of rehearsals will be needed, of course, you can pop in, audition, and get the part without a huge time commitment —making it perfect for locals or even tourists with a far-out return date.

Lord of Life – Music Ministry

Whether or not you’re religious, have a great singing voice, or have stretched your instrumental muscles in the last few years, no one can deny the beauty of a choir or a church orchestra. With an overwhelmingly classic ambiance, this form of participatory arts is memorable. That’s why the Ministry of Music in Dallas is hosting a program known as Lord of Life, giving amateur locals and tourists passing through a chance to hone their singing voices or add their own musical talents to a fantastic public performance. Guided by professionals, you can pick up some fascinating lessons or make it a great way to bond with friends as you learn to sing and play as a solid unit. While a few weeks of rehearsal is needed, the focus is to give everyday creatives a chance to throw their hat in the ring without having to upgrade to professionals. Be a part of a show that proves how beautiful rookies can be.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

While the main event was hosted last year, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra still moves forward with programs to help locals and tourists learn more about music and the amazing impact it can have. Making headlines for their concert held specifically for autistic children, the after-show featured an instrument petting zoo where children and adults alike could have a chance at familiarizing themselves with the pieces and their impressively complicated functions. Not only that, their music-therapy participatory event made it easy for professionals and rookies alike to get involved in the music-making experience. With plans for more programs in the future, just check out their website and make sure to be in town for their next event.

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