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There are several people I know that have recently moved into a new apartment. Just about every day they are asked, ‘How are you enjoying your new place?’ as well as other types of questions like ‘what’s the floor plan?’ or ‘how do you have it decorated?’, etc.  Most of the initial questions you get asked when you’ve recently moved can be answered by a simple event, a housewarming party!

Inviting your friends, family and co-workers to a housewarming party where they can see your lovely abode will ensure you the opportunity to show off your style.  And what better way to gloat about your new space with all the cool swag on display?!

We’ve taken the liberty of highlighting a few basics to guarantee you a rockin’ housewarming party!

  • Invites are a must. I would really recommend using websites such as an Evite to send out virtual invitations. Saves on cost and they’re eco-friendly! If there are people who you do not know their email address (i.e. your new neighbors), small notes are totally acceptable.
  • What should you serve? That’s easy…whatever you want! Most housewarming parties are basic drinks and hors d’oeuvres, but there’s nothing saying you can’t stray. If your apartment has a great deck or patio, a barbeque might be nice (provided that it’s okay with your apartment association first)!
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  • Do I need to provide entertainment? Absolutely! The point of your housewarming party is to show off your new home, so be sure to include tours of your new apartment for all those coming. That will answer all those pesky questions they ask. But in addition to the tours, you should provide music and other entertainment. At a housewarming party I attended, they had group video games for everyone to interact and meet one another. Music is also a popular form of entertainment.
  • And finally, always show your appreciation. All of your guests have taken time out of their schedule to spend a few hours with you and share the joy of your new apartment. Thank them for stopping by and especially thank them should they have brought a gift; especially, since housewarming gifts are optional!

To everyone who has just recently moved into their new, or first, apartment-CONGRATS! Here’s hoping you have a terrific housewarming party!

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