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According to Dictionary.com, the very definition of spooky is ‘eerie, scary’; therefore, decorating your apartment ‘eerily’ would be very appropriate for Halloween! To accomplish this look, you will have to go back and think of the things that frighten you. Below is a list of items that are sure to do the trick in accomplishing your Halloween themed décor.

First, your apartment’s exterior…..

Because you are renting you have some limitations as far as how much you can decorate, so be sure and check your lease or management company’s regulations. If your apartment is on the first floor, you could use the yard surrounding your front door and/or patio for decorations.  Items that stick in the ground, like skull heads, are perfect for setting the scary background.  Many retailers have front door murals as well as orange string lights to wrap around bushes, trees or columns.  If, however, you are on the second floor, be sure and use your patio to its fullest advantage. You can have swinging by the railing a ghost like creature or a fake human head with blood trickling down. Use your imagination to come up with something creative and it will be sure to cause fright in any who approach!

Second, your apartment’s interior…..

Those who decide to enter after seeing your spooky landscape, do so at their own risk! This is where you really can create the spooky atmosphere. Set the mood with candles. This will provide that Halloween glow around the house (safety first-be careful where you place those candles so they won’t be easily knocked over).  You can also have jack-o-lanterns greet your guests as they walk in, or have them awaiting unsuspecting guests getting ready to use the restroom! White sheets can cover your furniture, fake spiders scattered around and of course a spooky centerpiece for your table!  Another item that will really add to your homes creepy effect is Halloween music. My personal favorite is Purple People Eater, but hey, that’s just me!

Decoration Tip 
A really good, and CHEAP, decoration idea for your party-instead of purchasing streamers is to cut colored construction paper into thin, long pieces and make a paper chain!


Last but not least, your food…..

The only gross effect you want in food is the looks-not the taste!! In addition to the normal Halloween treats-cough, cough…candy-you’ll want to serve some items that are themed with the creepy appeal but are actually substantial. Besides the Monster Munch and Apple Bites we’ve posted, you can also have cheese balls shaped as pumpkins or a jack-o-lantern pizza. You have the ability to take a traditional appetizer or meal and make it appropriate for your Halloween party!

Well, I hope these tips have helped you with ideas for your Halloween party. If you have any really good ones to add, please do! The scarier………the better!



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