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With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, ForRent.com wants you to LOVE where you live. And what better way to discover the love of your apartment, then to have your dream Valentine’s Day in your apartment? ForRent.com is giving away a $500 gift card to one lucky renter to help make their perfect Valentine’s Day in their apartment come true.

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This giveaway is fun and easy! Tell us how you would spend your perfect Valentine’s Day in your apartment, by simply following the steps below.

So what are you waiting for? Enter today, and you could be celebrating this Valentine’s Day in some serious style. Good luck!
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See ForRent.com’s Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment rules.



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  1. I’d love to spend Valentine’s Day enjoying a candlelit dinner then snuggling up on the couch watching funny tv shows. 🙂
  2. Amanda Casto says:
    I would like to spend Valentine’s Day at my apartment with my husband and watch chick flicks while eating a fondue dinner!
  3. Since my boyfriend always works on Valentine’s Day, because he’s a bartender at Cheesecake Factory, we never get to spend Valentine’s Day together. This year, I’m making him his favorite meal of steak with sauteed mushrooms and cheesy potatoes and giving him his gift of 365 reasons why I love you. I’ve dated each one of them so he opens a new one every single day for the next year. Also, as promised, I will finally sit down and watch Star Wars with him.
  4. Jeanine P says:
    Chinese takeout, a box of chocolates, a pillow, a blanket and a episode of Scandal.
  5. Mike Bratek says:
    Netflix, good dinner, and love her like no tomorrow.
  6. linda brooks says:
    With my husband and a good movie.
  7. Shelley Pierce says:
    A nice home cooked meal followed by watching a good movie.
  8. i think i would have a chef come and fix dinner in our home just for the two of us. i would have songs from our past playing in the background and i would get a telescope so we could go stargazing b/c i always see the stars in his eyes.
  9. Candle light dinner on the patio, and a night cuddled up by the fireplace with some wine.
  10. Stephanie V. says:
    candles, sexy music, order dinner from fantastic restaurant, chocolates and lovely borolo – oh to dream!
  11. Aneisha DeArman says:
    My hubby and I haven’t had much alone time with us having 2 kids, so I would whisk him away. I would surprise him with a trip to the beach and we would have a candlelit dinner by the water. Then I would treat him to a night of back rubs and being catered.
  12. With my Girlfriend. Order in and watch movies and play board games. We are boring people but love it!
  13. I would make chocolate covered strawberries and dec out my whole apt in pink!
  14. I’d spend the day relaxing and eating chocolate.
  15. This year on Valentine’s Day my son will turn 21, so I hope he can come over and have a nice dinner with my fiancé and I to celebrate.
  16. Saph@FrugalWifeBlog says:
    We’d spend the evening with a nice dinner and a movie!
  17. Good food and a movie!
  18. April Lynn Kelley says:
    I have a wonderful, romantic, intimate night planned! Candles, music, finger foods, and a sexy outfit! VERY much looking forward to our night together!!! My boyfriend is so beautiful inside and out, and has a HUGE heart. He deserves all this and much more!
  19. lisa mcfarland says:
    lazy day in bed and then get dressed up to go out to dinner and a concert
  20. loyri halliburton says:
    Have a candlelight dinner with wine and chocolates. We exchange gifts with each other. After that we would watch a romantic/comedy movie together.
  21. Chocolate and flowers with a great meal with my wife.
  22. We would spend a nice evening with a home-cooked dinner, candles, and a movie with chocolate. And hopefully a romantic walk under the stars.
  23. Joy Willenbring says:
    I’d have a fancy dinner with champange and chocolates for later.
  24. Well first I would find an aut for 3 little boys. Then I would make a perfect surf and turf dinner for me and hubby. I would order an amazing carrott cake our bakery sells. Take a dip in the hot tub and well, the rest is somthing I just can’t write.
  25. laura jenkins says:
    I would just like to remember times past with love ones
    and better times .When people cared about each other more.
  26. James Fransee says:
    Valentines Day is all about showing my fiancee how much I love her. Shes been wanting a wall painted red so I’m finally gonna get some paint and paint it for her as a surprise before she gets home. After that I’m going to clean the entire apartment and make it spotless. Next on my agenda I’m going to cook a great seafood dinner, light some of her favorite candles and give her the box of her absolute favorite chocolates. Finally after dinner it’s time to cuddle up and watch a movie.
  27. Go away on a spa weekend together, ocean breeze, campfire..relief
  28. alyce poalillo says:
    Quiet homemade dinner and watch a movie or favorite TV show together
  29. Jeanne B.T. says:
    Valentine’s day is going to be a lot of fun this year. I have family coming from out of town. Therefore, I will be having family and friends in for a homemade meal and
    wonderful potluck desserts. Plus wonderful conversations, games, movies, and a barrel of great laughs. 🙂
  30. Shelley Schultz says:
    Good take-out and a sappy romantic movie with they hubby. Something decadent and chocolate for dessert is the perfect Valentine’s at home for me.
  31. Adrienne gordon says:
    I’d spend it with my husband and a bottle of wine 😛
  32. christal c willdebbie says:
    I would snuggle up near the faux fireplace after relaxing in my faux hot tub
    willdebbie97 /at /yahoo /dot /com
  33. jari wietfeldt says:
    relaxing with my baby and my hubby good food good company!
  34. lisa hawkes says:
    Since I’m single, lots of chocolate, lots of movies and a good blanket to watch them with. and my four year would join in on the v-day fun and watch a good movie and eat chocolate too. lol.
  35. dinner and a movie
  36. nicole belletiere says:
    watching movies and eating chocolate covered strawberries
  37. dinner and a movie on the tube.
  38. Mary Jamison says:
    candle dinner and music with the one that I love. To give us some our time.
  39. Surprise picnic in the living room. Red table cloth spread out on the floor. Then put a tray in the center so that the candles have something to balance upon.
    Sprinkle white rose pedals on the table cloth and have some furry pillows for something to lean on.
    For dinner, finger food only. Something salty, something sweet. Somthing light to keep with the mood.
    Unplug all the electronics and just go with the flow of just the two of us. Nice.
  40. Kayce Crews says:
    I’d cook some dinner and watch a movie.
  41. Mary Withrow says:
    Awh, It would be with a lovely candle light dinner, relaxing music, bath, massage and well a lovely evening!
  42. My wife, some wine, takeout, and a good movie.
  43. I’d love to spend a quiet night with my sweetie–home cooked dinner and a movie.
  44. I would curl up with a good book and no distractions….
  45. Scott Martin says:
    I would like to spend Valentine’s Day at my apartment with my wife and watch chick flicks while eating a fondue dinner!
  46. I’d spend my perfect Valentine’s Day with someone special in front of a roaring fire, sipping wine….
  47. Margaret Smith says:
    I’d spend the perfect Valentines day with my husband, eating a nice romantic dinner by candle light with soft romantic music playing.
  48. Ann Fantom says:
    A perfect Valentine’s Day in my apartment would be with my husband, a bottle of wine, some take out Chinese food and a good movie.
  49. Jannie Bryant says:
    Steaks, candles, talking, music, lighting, and who knows?
  50. angela cunningham says:
    takeout and a good movie
  51. Lauren Peterson says:
    Chris is the cook, so he’d make dinner. I’d clean up and get the table set. Get the electric fireplace going, some Netflix, and kicking our feet up and enjoying a night away from school and work!
  52. velder dixon says:
    looking at my regular television shows
  53. Liz Newsome says:
    Have my husband cook me dinner (which would probably be mac and cheese in the blue box – knowing his culinary skills) – then snuggle up on the couch with our dogs and watch our wedding video! We haven’t watched it in many years – so it would be something different. Then, he’d probably want to watch some football to cancel it out!
  54. Mami Davis says:
    Homemade dinner for 2 (me and the love of my life – tobie my 14lb. border terrier); candles, white napkins, pink chargers topped with heart shaped dinner plates (one for me and one for tobie); strawberries and bananas with chocolate fondue for dessert (no chocolate for Tobie, but he loves bananas :)); after dinner and dessert snuggle up with tobie and watch You’ve Got Mail.
  55. John Hutchens says:
    a “camp out” in the living room watching movies with my sweetheart , nice bottle of wine and good food
  56. Tammi Laney says:
    A candlelit dinner at my favorite eating place.Rent a hotel with a heart shaped Jacuzzi. Have the night to ourselves without the kids. Thanks for the giveaway.
  57. Watching lots of movies and having sweets for me and my sweetie.
  58. April Brenay says:
    with my hubby home, but thats military life so we’ll just do a skype date!
  59. Rich Hicks says:
    nice steak dinner by candlelight

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  60. I would spend it alone with my husband. Dinner and a movie cuddled up on the sofa.
  61. J Winterberg says:
    I would spend the perfect eve hanging out with the loves of my life — my animal companions!
  62. Melissa Tippie says:
    I would the spend “perfect Valentine’s Day” staying in and watching a movie on the couch w/snacks.
  63. Theresa Shafer says:
    Perfect would be spa professionals coming to my place to give me a full body massage, pedacure, manacure, and body wrap.
    Later have a cook come in to make the perfect romantic meal.

    Then it is time for some fantastic perfect partner to join me to share a nice movie and to snuggle.

    Dream on, it may come true.

  64. Michelle L says:
    Watching mushy romantic comedies & eating chocolates.
  65. making my girlftiend a romantic dinner
  66. shawn mckim says:
    I would spend it with the fireplace on, catered dinner and and old movie with my hubby
  67. Sara Harper says:
    I normally don’t cook for my boyfriend because I prefer to just bake – but if I won I would be able to buy all of the ingredients and make an amazing steak meal that would blow him away! Plus I’d buy some of our favorite wine and really make our apartment romantic with candles, etc.!
  68. Penny Bennett says:
    A simple, favorite homemade meal made together and lots of snuggling 🙂
  69. Jennifer P says:
    Dinner with my hubby.
  70. with my kitties eating chocolate and ice cream and watching horror movies 🙂
  71. pizza, bottle of red wine and a good movie with my husband!
  72. Cynthia C says:
    A great dinner then Netflix and chocolate dessert
  73. With a movie and the one I love snuggled all night!!!
  74. I’d order in pizza and watch a movie snuggled under a blanket on the couch.
  75. Well, first i would give myself some hot chocolate and a peanut-butter sandwich for breakfast. I would call in sick. the garbage company will do fine.Then i will play facebook games for the rest of the day. In one of he games we are helping a fictional character “pitch woo.” 🙂
  76. ambien
  77. Kyl Neusch says:
    watch a good movie
  78. Send the kids to grandma & grandpa’s, order fantastic carry out & snuggle on the couch, watching a movie that we never have time to watch.
  79. snuggled on the couch with a good movie
  80. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:
    watching movies and eating chocolate
  81. I would watch a movie and eat popcorn
  82. patricia skinner says:
    I would watch a movie with my husband.
  83. An epic movie marathon with a lot of indulgent food.
  84. A nice dinner and a movie
  85. Katherine says:
    Candlelit dinner and soft music
  86. Becky Richied says:
    I would do up the candlelit thing big time, aeromatherapy kind of smelling dinner and a cozy movie night with a glass of wine.
  87. Christine says:
    a great dinner out
  88. Linda Lansford says:
    I will make a nice meal
  89. watching t.v. with my pets
  90. Amanda Kinder says:
    Invite my sister, mom, and dad over and make them a gourmet meal.
  91. Watching a romantic movie
  92. Mine would be spent watching someone else do a deep cleaning and then fixing me a lovely dinner!
  93. hilda torres says:
    a movie and a nice candlelight dinner
  94. Tiffany Hearn says:
    Dinner and a movie with mu hubby!
  95. I would “recreate” our first “real” date together. We didn’t have much money back then, so he came over with a pizza and I supplied the drinks and we played Monopoly for hours. I can’t remember if we ever finished the game ♥ but it gave us time to actually talk and get to know each other. Still have that old Monopoly set! (Glad Monopolly didn’t retire the Scottie Dog, but I love they are adding a Cat! ♥ )
  96. Phillip V. says:
    I would order her favorite italian restaurant to go, a nice bottle of wine and movie.
  97. This would totally love nothing more than to win this prize! I am getting married in 6 moths from this past Sunday & we are STRAPPED!! He is currently not working & i make a very minimal income! Of course we’d like to have all the nice things but we have to be budget conscious! This $500 would be such an amazing gift & a tremendous help!!!! 🙂
  98. a nice steak dinner, with all the fixings, and wine! followed by a romantic movie!
  99. I would watch a movie
  100. watching a movie
  101. I would make a wonderful dinner and watch a romantic movie!
  102. melissa Resnick says:
    a nice bottle of wine and movie and light out <3
  103. amy deeter says:
    pizza wings and a movie
  104. Candlelight Dinner, wine, and watching a movie afterward
  105. dani marie says:
    dinner, a movie, and a bubble bath!
  106. saminder gumer says:
    the perfect valentine’s day in my apartment would be someone cooking me dinner and then letting me watch the basketball games on tv in peace.
  107. i would spend my day with my father. He is dat special man in my life and i would love to do something real special for him. HE lost his wife in 2008 during Ike. And i have been taking care of him sence then.
  108. i would buy some special food and a bottle of red wine and cook a nice dinner for my daughter and myself. i would also buy her some flowers to remind her how awesomely magnificent she is and remind her how proud of her I am to be her mom!!!
  109. Mary Calabrese says:
    Perfection would be having dinner cooked for me, a romantic movie and roses.
  110. That’s easy, order Chinese, open a bottle of good wine, light some candles and viola…romance!
  111. Cindy Aiton says:
    Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway. I would love to spend Valentine’s Day with my sweetie, a heart shaped pizza, and our favorite Valentine themed horror movies.
  112. Jaclyn Reynolds says:
    Cooking in a new recipe and having it turn out perfect!!
  113. The obvious – of course. Also a great meal and a nice environment.
  114. We would cook dinner together and have a romantic picnic in front of the fire.
  115. Kayte CookWatts says:
    We’d have a sushi dinner picnic in our living room!
  116. Jessica B. says:
    Kids in bed early, candle light dinner with my love.
  117. A romantic candlelit dinner.
  118. With my boyfriend and a good movie.
  119. Jennifer R says:
    I would get favorite takeout set up with candles, a bottle of wine, and a romantic movie.
  120. Movie and a fun dinner with my kids
  121. Angela Cisco says:
    Relaxing with a movie
  122. Brent Slater says:
    Cuddle up to a nice movie.
  123. Lori Walker says:
    I’d make a dinner, dessert, and movie night.
  124. jen gersch says:
    with a candlight dinner
  125. Just me and him together for the evening

    Just me and him together for the evening.

  126. Larry Fullhart II says:
    Watching TV.
  127. I would love to have dinner, prepared by our favorite restaurant, in front of the fire on a beautifully set table, and some good wine. Followed by some yummy chocolate drizzles dessert and a fun movie.
  128. Karen Gonyea says:
    Watching a romantic comedy with a special someone 🙂
  129. By myself, watching tons of sappy love movies like The Notebook.
  130. I’d have an amazing meal delivered and rent some movies.
  131. Carla Valentine says:
    Valentine’s Day in my apartment would be a nice steak dinner at the table for two with my Valentine-(husband) prepared by me with TLC.
  132. snuggling on the couch
  133. Dinner and a movie with my family!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com
  134. Jennifer J says:
    Cuddled up on the couch with blankets, dogs, husband, snacks and a few movies. Thanks!!
  135. Nicole L. says:
    by making a fun dinner together, exchanging our homemade gifts and then a movie/wine! 🙂
  136. A perfect Valentine’s Day would be spent relaxing at home with my handsome husband and adorable son who are my favorite valentines!
  137. Dee Hadley says:
    Makin dinner together then maybe a walk together then a movie together on the couch.
  138. A gourmet meal cooked by someone else, a nice bottle of wine, a vase of flowers, and a romantic date.
  139. I’d spend Valentine’s Day relaxing on the couch, watching romantic comedies and while eating a 2 lb box of mixed chocolates.
  140. A homemade meal and a movie.
  141. Heather C says:
    I would spend it watching movies! and ordering out cause I’d rather spend time with my boyfriend than cooking.
  142. I would make a great dinner with my 9 yr old daughter for us to share, do crafts, and watch a good family movie on movie channel, on the couch together with a big fuzzy blanket.
  143. A romanic healthy dinner for 2!
  144. It really sucks that we have here another contest open only for US residents!
  145. hazel hunt says:
    would love to win!!
  146. Crystal F says:
    Having a nice meal and watching a good movie!
  147. Just relaxing with a nice dinner and movie
  148. Danielle D says:
    watching romantic movies!
  149. I would have Italian food for dinner and then watch a movie
  150. Kara Jeremias says:
    Candlelight, fresh flowers, chilled champange, a fresh pasts for dinner, chocolate covered strawberries, bubble bath, massage oil, rose petals on the bed..
  151. I’m taking my wife out to a nice dinner.
  152. dinner and a movie
  153. Watching a movie, talking, playing board games and eating a nice candle lit dinner!
  154. Make a nice dinner for my hubby and spend a quiet evening
  155. I would spend it with lots of chocolates, roses, movies and fun
  156. Turn the room into an Hawaiian getaway.
  157. Wayne Dougherty says:
    First I would send my son to a friends house for a couple days. I would order some fresh flowers for my wife, and I would hire the chef of a local restaurant to come cook dinner at our place. A bottle of wine and some soft music while laying by the fire. Sounds greay to me.
  158. Lisa Garner says:
    I would spend the perfect Valentine’s Day having a great steak dinner and wine and watching a romantic movie by candle light.
  159. Kathy Luman says:
    A romantic, candle lite dinner at home. Relax and watch a good movie together.
  160. Valentines Day at my apartment would be wonderful! Since my house flooded it’s half gutted and I think taking a day off from fixing it and just lounging around the apartment would be a dream! I’d order in food and movies and we can just relax. Throw in some massage oils and we’ll make our own fun!
  161. Susan Smith says:
    I would make a dinner for my hubby and watch a romantic movie
  162. The perfect Valentine’s Day in my apartment would be a quite night in alone with my honey. I’d get all dolled up, make chocolate mousse and a nice big dinner. We’d turn off our phones, computers, etc. for the night and it would be just up. We’d eat, then snuggle up to watch a movie or two.
  163. Monique Rizzo says:
    Dinner and a movie.

    Thanks for the chance.

  164. Have a chef come to the house to prepare a romantic dinner, rent a mushy movie and cuddle up in front of the fireplace to watch the movie and then retire for the evening, if you know what I mean.
  165. sleep
    Thanks! Janna Johnson
    janna@feedyourpig on GFC
  166. Having a candlelit dinner with my husband
  167. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:
    movie and a pizza
    vmkids3 at msn dot com
  168. Danielle Wood says:
    I would have a nice romantic dinner, and watch a movie with the person I love more than anything.
  169. Great dinner with candles and music.
    Thanks for the contest.
  170. Thanks for the giveaway…a perfect Valentine’s Day would be grilling up some steaks, sharing a good bottle of wine, and enjoying a quiet dinner with my wife; later we could venture out to the Jacuzzi for a hot soak.
  171. I would like to enjoy Valentine’s Day with a great dinner and then watching a movie
  172. Pop in a movie and cuddle on the couch.
  173. susan smoaks says:
    I would spend the day with my husband eating good food and enjoying each others company.
  174. A scavenger hunt for the presents, romantic picnic and then a great movie.
  175. robyn paris says:
    i would cook an awesome meal and then hang out on the deck to watch the stars.
  176. Ally Marie says:
    i would spend it in front of the fireplace eating sweets
  177. Shannon Barnes says:
    Someone other than me cooking dinner!
  178. carol le... says:
    Make a delicious VD dinner for my honey and then watch a movie together.
  179. A wonderful meal with the people I love most.
  180. nice dinner and romantic movie
  181. Kurt Hoffmann says:
    Making a comfort meal for my honey
  182. Having a candlelit dinner and romantic movie with my sweetie
  183. Thomas Chappell says:
    I would spend the perfect Valentines day with my wife and daughter relaxing all day and making a delicious dinner together.
  184. Lobster, husband, no kids.
  185. Some of my favorite movies and nice dinner
  186. Since my valentines are my grandchildren and they are a little young for romantic meals, I would spend it watching movies like Scooby Doo and having their favorite foods–right now it is chicken strips dunked in ranch dressing!
  187. diane Baum says:
    A homecooked romantic meal8q
  188. Debra Ford says:
    A nice homemade gourmet meal shared with your someone special is always nice, cozy and romantic.
  189. Tim Stephens says:
    Snuggling with my wife watching action movies…
  190. Rachel Ellis says:
    A nice dinner for the family (we have to involve the kiddos since sitters are hard to come by) followed by a family friendly movie.
  191. Darcy Bishop says:
    I’m recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor—my husband has been taking such good care of me–for Valentine’s Day I would like to get takeout from P F Changs, and watch Love actually with my darling husband.
  192. Michelle Hudak says:
    A romantic dinner for two with candles and then snuggling on the couch watching romantic movies together
  193. A great bottle of win and a great maine lobster with a perfect steak! Then a new release movie to enjoy!
  194. cooking a meal in with my husband.
  195. just spending time with my guy would make it perfect
  196. Laura Lambie says:
    A home cooked meal, a movie and dancing with my husband.
  197. Christie Kammerer says:
    curled up with a blanket and a good movie.
  198. Cuddled up with my hubbie watching a movie
  199. Tracy ALlen says:
    Some great snacks and cuddle time on the couch watching something good on TV.
  200. I would have a nice, quiet dinner with my hubby.
  201. A steak dinner cooked perfectly candles, my husband and a scary movie so we have an excuse to cuddle.
  202. sheryl cullum says:
    With my wonderful husband a good movie and a steak dinner
  203. Leesa Johnson says:
    Perfect Valentine’s at home: Take out Thai, a couple of good movies, my sweetie and I curled up on the couch with our dog. Even better would be for both of us to have Friday off. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen so we may have to celebrate on Friday night.♥
  204. Michelle Tucker says:
    I’d spend the day with hubby, lazing around, cuddling, watching movies, having a fantastic meal and chocolate covered strawberries for dessert…then who knows! 🙂
    Michelle tucker
  205. Tammie Wertman says:
    I would serve a very romantic candle light dinner with flowers and a bottle of fine wine and then retire to the bedroom that was only lite with candles and rose petals scattered on the bed with a soft jazz music playing in the background and some champagne chilling by the bed.
  206. Angela Wilson says:
    dinner and a movie at home
  207. Home cooked dinner, super girly chick flick romantic comedy and cuddling on the couch
  208. Sarah Hirsch says:
    with a delicious dinner and the one i love
  209. Carrie Conley says:
    A good book and something to munch on….
  210. I would like to fix my sweetie a nice dinner and then cuddle up on the sofa together and watch a good romance movie.
  211. Making a nice dinner for my GF
  212. Cynthia Munkelt says:
    Dinner, movie and snuggle time with my best friend my husband of 41 years.
  213. Charlene Kuser says:
    I would like to spend Valentine’s day with a candlelight dinner delivered from the Indian restaurant and soft classical music playing in the background.
  214. I would a romantic dinner and dessert and put on a romantic movie . . .
  215. Mendy Dinsmore says:
    I would enjoy a nice quite night enjoying my new surroundings.
  216. Popcorn and movie with my sweetie.
  217. Carmen Woody says:
    I just want to light a ton of candles and listen to some soft music with the honey
  218. I would get a heart shaped pizza and a bottle of bubbly and watch “The Notebook”
  219. Hosting a party with all my single friends!
  220. Watching a special Valentine’s edition of Walking Dead. Oh wait they are showing the original pilot in Black & White; it will be the perfect Valentine’s. The wife of course by my side!
  221. I’d spend the day with my sweetheart, have an Alfred Hitchcock marathon, order in Chinese and Indian food, and have cheesecake and chocolate with wine for dessert.
  222. elizabeth peck says:
    I would spend it in the giant spa tub!
  223. We would spend a nice evening with a home-cooked dinner – probably steak. then a get under my heated blanket, CUDDLE up with my CAT!
  224. The best Valentine’s Day in my apartment would be spent with my little one making dinner and heart shaped cookies for dessert! Dating is overrated.
  225. Perfect V-day… lounging with takeout watching sappy movies with all the tech devices turned off
  226. Jerry Lafferty says:
    Roses, wine and satin sheets!
  227. I am saving for a new sofa so this would apply toward that!
  228. karen hunter says:
    relaxing at home with my husband candle light and a movie, sweet and simple
  229. S Blackwell says:
    At home with my hubby, homemade great dinner!
  230. A nice dinner, movies, & no worries would be perfect.
  231. heather miller says:
    Horse back ride with the one you love on the beach.Then a relax on the beach with some wine and a picin And then a dip in the ocean.
  232. Shelbie Johnston says:
    Will spend it with my Grandson for a little while, then just me and my furr babies. purrfection! 🙂
  233. Movie.
  234. A nice candle lit dinner with my hubby, some champagne & strawberries for dessert and a bubble bath surrounded with more candles would be the perfect Valentines for me…oh, wait…and CHOCOLATE TOO!!
  235. Wanda Clark says:
    Candles a special person lights out can’t tell ya the rest.
  236. Cindy Phillips says:
    I would spend it with my husband having a romantic dinner for two.
  237. krissy Daniels says:
    I make sure the house is spotless…take a nice long bubble bath, and get ready…a snazzied up…start cooking a nice steak dinner for my man…candles lit when he comes home for work…he has chocolates and roses for me…we sit laugh and cuddle and have chocolate covered strawberries!!!
  238. Vicki Chrzanowski says:
    Candlelight dinner with my husband and a movie= Priceless
  239. Heather Hayes Panjon says:
    Romantic Candle Lit Dinner, Movie And Massage
  240. A huge thank you to all that participated in our Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment Giveaway! We are excited to announce that Tammi W. was named the winner of our giveaway! Thank you again for all of your participation that made this giveaway a great success!

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