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Since there was a post about Valentine’s gifts for men, it is only suitable that there is a post dedicated to women’s gifts. Now, men have it a little easier purchasing their significant others gifts for v-day because it tends to be a holiday marketed toward women’s gifts. Generic cards, chocolates, and flowers flood every drug and food store starting at the end of January.  Instead of getting the regular presents this Valentine’s, look into some of these more unique gift ideas.


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  • Birth Month Flower Necklace – This gift combines jewelry and flowers into one! Uncommon Goods sells a pendant with the coordinating flower for each month in it. This is a unique gift that is also good for christmas and birthdays as well.


  • Name a Star – Star Registry makes it possible to name a star. Packages include the name of the star, star date, and constellation the star is in. Now you can wish upon your own star!


  • Cruise to Nowhere – Many cruise lines offer weekend cruises that stay at sea and sail. While there is no destination except back home, the ship has a variety of on board fun all day. If you can’t afford to get away for the weekend and are near the water, local ships often do a sunset trip that lasts a few hours and sometimes includes dinner.


  • Giant Gummy Bear – For the candy lovers out there, Red Envelope offers the giant gummy bear. Choose from red, blue or green, and the 5lb. gummy creature is yours. Check out other candy sites, many brands offer unique or personalized chocolates and treats.



While the chocolates and flowers are very nice, try out some of these unique ideas as gifts this Valentine’s season. You won’t be let down!


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