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You just got engaged and now that friends and family have been notified, the questions begin.  Almost always after you share your news, you’re going to be asked about the date and what things you’ve already decided.  If you’re a planner like me, you may already have answers, but if you’re not then you might get the feeling it’s time to start working toward some.  No worries, here are few things you can start with right off the bat.

1. Make a budget.  Don’t worry about how to allocate it, but an overall amount is key to start planning.
2. Pick a date… or several.  Sometimes your budget, among other things, can dictate your wedding day so be glad you did that first.  If your schedule allows for a variety of potential wedding days then I would be open as you start the search for a reception… which leads us to our next step.
3. Reserve your Reception site.   You’d be surprised how much time can go into finding the perfect venue if you don’t have a specific place in mind from the start.  If you have a few dates to choose from, this might ease the process.
4. Choose your attendants.  This is the time to honor your closest friends and family members by personally inviting them to be a part of your wedding, so why wait?
5. Create your guest list.  Your reception site may largely affect this aspect of your planning, making it harder or easier on you to build this list.  Don’t underestimate how daunting this task can be!  This will require input from you, your fiancé, and your families- so give yourself enough time.
6. Weigh the wedding consultant option.  If you’re considering hiring a wedding planner, now is the time to start interviewing candidates.  The sooner you secure one, the sooner they can start helping you plan and organize your perfect day.
7. Start dress shopping.  Wedding dresses take forever to come in and you need to allow for a few weeks after their arrival for alterations.  The same goes for bridesmaid dresses; the sooner you can pick them out and order them, the better.

So, if you’re recently engaged congratulations and I hope you find the above tips helpful as a starting point!  Enjoy the planning!

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