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Entertaining guests is part of having your own space, whether you live in an apartment or a house. Each type of guest can require a different plan, depending on what they are coming for. Here are a few easy ideas for making things fun when you have people over.

  • Having company means setting the stage for an atmosphere that everyone can enjoy together. Whether you choose to do a simple or dramatic gathering, fresh flowers are always a classic and fairly inexpensive touch.
  • Candles are also a great choice, but opt for unscented so you don’t upstage any food you are serving or trigger any one’s allergies.
  • Entertaining out-of-town guests can be fairly simple, especially if they haven’t been to your city or town. Before they arrive, pick up some information on local entertainment and brochures for fun things to do in the area that they can check out while they are there. Some menus for favorite restaurants can be a nice touch as well. If you can arrange for a little time off work during their stay, you can always join them for some of the fun.
  • House guests usually appreciate having a place to put their coat if they are staying for the evening. If they are staying overnight, see that they have a private area available to store their things while they are there.
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