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Who remembers the untouched bliss of running to the corner grocery to pick up the latest issue of your favorite comic book as a child? Or being the first to lay down your hard-earned allowance on the newest video game? Who loves trading game cards with your friends or exchanging fan fiction about the best anime pairings over the internet?

No matter how old you or your favorite hero is, they’re still alive and well in the imaginations of fans.

If you want to recapture that fun and fuel your modern obsession, then here are the San Francisco locales you have to see:


Since 1985, Gamescape has offered some of the best games from years past, as well as the latest releases. They also sell new party games, role-playing games, board games, collectible card games, and miniature-based wargames. Once you’re finished nerding out about that collection, you can keep your kids in mind with your childhood favorites; dominoes, chess, backgammon, and much more. They have a large selection of brainteaser games and outstanding jigsaw puzzles as well. Their staff is very knowledgeable about the products they offer and are active in the gaming community, so watch yourself —you could spend all day here. They have themed game nights throughout the month and offer a calendar of their upcoming events, so get ready to kiss your other hobbies goodbye.

Two Cats

Two Cats has a great selection of comic books where you are sure to find the new and the obscure at the right price. They also have a fantastic book club for graphic novels, where you can get up to date on the latest adventures and then geek in real time. Every month, the Graphic Novel Book Club presents a topic for the group to discuss, and then suddenly it’s midnight before you realize you’ve only just touched on how Constantine’s pocket watch works. This is the place to be if you’re ready to get nitty gritty and gushy with your fan theories.

Amazing Fantasy

Searching for that beloved comic book from your childhood? Then this is the place to search. They have a wide variety of comic books, magazines, and some fantastic trading deals. The staff at Amazing Fantasy are knowledgeable about comics from all generations, so if you only have a vague recollection of an old favorite, then don’t worry —they’ll have that comic in your hand after the first wayward description. They are quick to help when you ask but also will allow you to dig and thumb through their well-organized collections. Best of all, they house back issues of some comics you will be hard-pushed to find elsewhere. They cater to traders and comic lovers of all types, but unfortunately, leave gamers to fend for themselves.

Cards And Comics Central

Nothing’s worse than waiting weeks for a new release while the internet is warring over spoilers. If you’re in a bind and need your comic fast, then Cards and Comics Central has you covered. They receive weekly shipments of the latest releases and their large store houses a massive selection, so no worries if you’re obsessed over an obscure series. They also carry a large selection of Slide Show Figures and Yugioh Cards, both new and some very rare ones as well. This is a great place to browse and introduce your children to a few of your own childhood favorites.


The Kinokuniya Bookstore has imported their fantastic flare for all things comic- and anime-related to America. Their San Francisco store offers a large variety of magazines and comic books, but they also have an extensive selection of graphic novels, cookbooks, travel books, design books, children’s books, and manga in both Japanese and English. Their stated goal is to, “provide the Japanese community with books and magazines, and introduce Japanese culture to the local community.” something that San Francisco couldn’t be gladder for.

Isotope – The Comic Book Lounge

The Isotope Comic Book Lounge is a hot and happening spot in San Francisco. They love comic books and are so dedicated to passing on that love to future generations that they have an annual event called, ‘Free Comic Book Day’ —so you can get nerdy without breaking the budget. With a colorful and exciting store, you could easily leave the mall behind for this all-day hangout, but watch your wallet; you could end up spending your kid’s college fund if it’s not the ‘free’ day.

Once these locales get you all caught up on your comic and anime storylines, it’s time to check out the latest movie, anime, and drama versions in the comfort of your apartment. Check out A Comparison of Streaming Services: Which is Best for You? so you can save more money on streaming, which means more money for comics.

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