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After moving into your new apartment, settling in is an ideal time to buy new furniture, unpack, and get familiar with the neighbors. Discover what people value the most about settling into their new apartment after a recent move.


What was your favorite part of settling in?


29% said “Buying new furniture”

28% said “Meeting new neighbors”

27% said “Unpacking”

15% said “Hanging art on the wall”


Making your new apartment feel like home is special, because you have the opportunity to showcase your personality and style. Once you’re all settled, invite your new neighbors over and get to know them!


It’s time to settle into your new space & make yourself at home – follow these helpful tips to start fresh without a hitch!


[1] Buying New Furniture


Buy furniture that is proportionate to your room size. An oversized couch in a small studio will overwhelm the room.


Add multi-functional furniture pieces to stay organized and save space.


Consider repainting old furniture for a brand new look, which will save you money.


[2] Meeting New Neighbors


Take the first step to introduce yourself.


Invite neighbors to volunteer with a club/organization.


Hang out in common areas such as a clubhouse, pool, game room, or gym.


[3] Organizing & Decorating


Establish unpacking as a #1 priority to avoid cluttered boxes 6 months later.


Before tossing your unpacked items in a drawer, be sure to use labels or drawer dividers to keep your items organized.


Instead of hanging traditional paintings, consider creating a photo gallery, or hanging hats, shelves, or plates on the wall.


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Source: ForRent.com Moving Moments Contest, May 2013


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