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Whether you’re a kid at heart or still an actual kid, the game of skeeball tends to be a universal crowd-pleaser. It’s rare to find a child who doesn’t adore rolling wooden balls up a ramp, nor an adult who doesn’t have treasured memories of playing the classic game at an arcade or birthday party.

Skeeball is fast catching on as a trendy pastime for grown-ups — both those who wish to enjoy the game with their own little ones and the growing segment of those who want to try their skills against other adults (perhaps with an adult beverage in hand). Los Angeles has a variety of places outside the expected Chuck E. Cheese and Dave & Buster’s franchises to play the game, many with the added benefit of being near other city landmarks and sightseeing hot spots. Here’s a short list of some of the best destinations to ramp it up.

Playland Arcade
350 Santa Monica Pier, 90401

Not only is this arcade an institution loved by locals for decades, it’s the perfect place for out-of-towners of all ages to get a true dose of Los Angeles’ magical vibe. The arcade is located at the iconic Santa Monica Pier, a landmark that was built in 1909 and has hosted games and fun since 1916. Skeeball is advertised as part of the signage right over the entrance, and there are also plenty of other classic arcade games to delight the old-school types out there. Speaking of old-school: Bring cash; these machines take real quarters.

Of course, when finished with playing skeeball, gamers can meander out to gaze at the ocean, take a photo in front of the world-famous Santa Monica ferris wheel, or walk over to the Third Street Promenade for drinks, dining and shopping. Parking can be tricky and the crowds are always thick at this popular destination, so plan ahead.

Busby’s East/West:
East: 5364 Wilshire Blvd., 90036/West: 3110 Santa Monica Blvd., 90404

With one location in the Mid-Wilshire district and the other in buzzing Santa Monica, Busby’s is the place to watch sports, engage in karaoke, dance, drink and, yes, play some skeeball. Both locations boast an extensive game room with a variety of classic diversions to keep the fun going.

Gamers can munch on Taco Tuesday specials or order one of several gourmet pizza varieties to soak up their bar tab. Expect a loud and lively crowd screaming for various favorite teams — there are plenty of UCLA students and fans at the West location, USC at the East — and leave the kids at home.

Arts District Brewing Company
828 Traction Ave., 90013

This craft brewpub, relatively new to the downtown Los Angeles scene (it opened in late 2015), obviously isn’t the place to take the kiddos. However, for those 21 and up, the pub boasts 10 vintage skeeball machines and is home to the city’s branch of the national Brewskee-Ball league — a competitive league started in New York City back in 2005.
Aside from the beer — the pub has its own on-site brewhouse — skeeballers can enjoy the outdoor patio on pleasant LA evenings plus unique and oh-so-So-Cal bar snacks, including a carrot dog and kale salad.

Family Amusement Corp.
876 N. Vermont Ave., 90029

This arcade, located for more than 40 years in the city’s Eastside, prides itself on offering skeeball and other nostalgic challenges served up with more modern games, all wrapped in a “back-in-time neon setting.” Currency is a mix of tokens and cash only. The area may seem a little rough to some eyes but is overall no more dangerous than a working-class urban neighborhood — Los Angeles City College is directly across the street. The arcade has its own parking lot for convenience.



Redondo Fun Factory
123 International Boardwalk, 90277

For those who wish to venture down the freeway to LA’s South Bay, skeeball awaits in Redondo Beach at the expansive Fun Factory. This all-ages destination with a nostalgic feel boasts plenty of skeeball lanes, plus more than 300 other things to try your hand at. There are also mechanical rides (including a Tilt-A-Whirl!) for the kids and a huge redemption center full of prizes for all those tickets you’ll be winning at the games.

On the negative side, the Fun Factory doesn’t have air conditioning and can get a little stuffy on crowded or hot days. The volume level can be earsplitting and parking difficult — the arcade is located on the pier, so be prepared for the usual glut of beach traffic. There is a restaurant inside, as well as many food choices within walking distance.

After all that Skeeball, stop for ice cream!

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