Lea Erbskorn2Lea Erbskorn,

Social Media Coordinator

Lea has worked for For Rent Media Solutions since November 2015. In her role, she assists with developing, executing, and optimizing a social media plan across multiple channels, including the ForRent.com® blog. Erbskorn also leads the video initiatives for the ForRent.com brand and helps build relationships with consumers and social media influencers to generate awareness of the For Rent Media Solutions brand. When she’s not posting for ForRent.com, she likes to social with friends, be the “class clown”, and work on her personal blog.

Berto -- The Beard of SEOSteve ‘Berto’ Bertolacci,

Director of Search Strategies

ForRent.com’s own Director of Search Strategies — organic search marketing, user experience, analytics and web presence management — improving the experience and accessibility for all.

Amber HecklerAmber Heckler,

Social Media & Content Manager

Amber is the Social Media & Content Manager for For Rent Media Solutions™ and has been with the company since April 2007. In her role, Amber helps execute and optimize a social media strategic plan across multiple channels, as well as manages the company’s social media product. This includes blogs, social networks, video sharing sites, and other conversational media. She spends a great deal of time building relationships with consumers, social media influencers, and bloggers to generate awareness of For Rent Media Solutions brand. In her free time, Amber loves running, #hashtags, and DIY projects.

Erica Campbell Byrum,

Assistant Vice President of Social Media

Erica Campbell Byrum,  assistant vice president of social media for ForRent.com®, is a real estate marketing expert with more than twelve years of experience, co-author of Youtility for Real Estate, a recipient of the 2014 PR News Social Media MVP Award, a recipient of the 2015 Sarah Malone Award, as well as, President’s Club winner for 2016. Byrum is a well-regarded speaker at both national and state apartment associations. Byrum is responsible for developing and managing the corporate social media road map and has pioneered ForRent.com’s strategic social media path through the launch of Social Concierge, a complete social media management, reputation management, and resident retention offering.. Find Erica on Twitter.

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