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Being a college student can be both exciting and overwhelming. It can be a struggle to keep up with the campus activities, classwork, a part-time job, and any other challenges that today’s students may face. To make your life less demanding as a student and to keep up with the college life, here are a few apps that will help you keep your cool!

Study App – Keep organized and stay on track with your assignments, projects and more! Istudiez is a great educational application for helping college students survive each semester. All in real-time mode, it tracks your schedule of class times and events, and gives you reminders of when assignments and projects are due. With this app, you’ll always stay on track!

Student Discount App TUN’s Student Discount & Free Stuff app is great for college students who are trying to avoid the red in their bank account. This app helps save money by notifying users of discounts in their location! With TUN, you can save money on food, entertainment, beauty, fitness, movies and more. It also rewards students who use the app with points to earn free things such as meals, haircuts, and fitness classes. So, start finding local deals and save now!

Campus Safety AppCampusSafe is an app that all students should have on their phones today. This app aims to make you feel safe wherever you are on your college campus. This enables a one-touch dial to the campus police, health care, counseling, and other emergency contacts. With the push of a button, your GPS location will be of access to the police immediately. Additionally, it offers crime prevention tips and important safety information. CampusSafe even allows you to text campus police to notify them of any concerns you may have. Don’t think twice about your safety and consider taking a look at this app for the upcoming semesters.

These three apps are educational and beneficial for your time in college. They can keep you organized with your school work, save you money, and make you feel safe on campus. What other apps do you use that aren’t on this list?

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