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House parties are all but synonymous with the college experience. They’re a great way to let your hair down, make new friends, and make great memories. Yet you’ve undoubtedly heard the horror stories of drunken shenanigans getting out of hand. Now that it’s your turn to throw an off-campus house party, how can you avoid becoming one of these cases?

So long as you lay down some ground rules, check in with your property manager, and apply some safeguards along the way, you can enjoy all the beer pong and music you like —safe and sound.

Here’s where to start:

Check the Limitations of Your Lease

Before you set up the event and start inviting friends, be sure to check in with your leasing office to see what limitations or requirements are involved in throwing your party. How many guests can you invite? What is the accepted noise level? What times of the week can a party be held, and how long into the night? How much notice do you have to give for the party? Are you allowed to host it in your apartment or is there a clubhouse where you can all gather? It’s always best to know what’s allowed in advance, rather than risking a notice on your door in the morning.

Stay Mostly Sober

By all means, throw back a few drinks, and when the beer pong tournament begins, show those scrubs how it’s done. However, as the host, you do have some responsibilities. You’re in charge of making sure noise levels stay reasonable; if the neighbors call to complain, it’s your phone that needs picking up; you have to watch for damages; you have to ‘evict’ partiers that get unfriendly; and it’s important you ensure everyone leaves safely (and without your Xbox). It’s always wise to pace yourself at a party with strangers, but in this case especially, be sure to only maintain a light buzz so you can be a good host.

Outline the Rules in the Invitation

A fun party is a well-planned party, and if guests know what’s on the agenda, they can arrive full prepared to enjoy themselves. A Facebook event is a great way to get things coordinated, so write up different games you have planned, if alcohol will be provided or it’s BYOB (bring your own bottle), if carpooling with Designated Drivers is possible (for those who don’t have a friend to help), whether there will be music or dancing, and how loud the noise can get. For the introverts who need to prepare that social energy, for the new students who are nervous about how safe the party will be, and for friends who need to know what to bring, laying out the ground rules in advance is smart and courteous.

Make Sure Everyone Has a DD

Even after listing the need for a DD on the invitation, it’s important to double check with your guests. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk —and the host who doesn’t want to have a strike on their lease doesn’t let guests go on a drunken rampage once they leave. As you invite your guests in, ask if they have a Designated Driver (DD), how they plan on getting home if not, and assure them you can always call an Uber in their name if necessary. It’s better safe than sorry.

Set a Time Limit

A party that’s remembered as thrilling is one that ends on a high note, before things get boring. By establishing a time limit for your get-together, you can ensure your neighbors and yourself get some decent sleep, that you don’t have to evict people who are outstaying their welcome, and that introverts can plot out how much social energy they need to dedicate. Now you’ve left yourself plenty of time to clean up, to arrange a playlist, and to ensure how much food or drink you’ll need.

Give Your Neighbors Advanced Warning

Being courteous to your neighbors will ensure they extend the same kindness in return. Be sure to give them about a week’s notice that you’ll be hosting a house party with a large or small group of people, and let them know when the party will end. A simple heads up that things may be louder than normal and that there’ll be more foot traffic outside your door (especially if you live above them) allows them to prepare themselves and their schedule. Additionally, if they have work early the next morning or visitors of their own, this is a great opportunity to rearrange the dates to suit both your schedules, so the party can go off without a hitch and you still maintain a good relationship with your community.

Now you’re ready for a fun, safe party! If the time limit gets pressed a little bit and you find yourself sleeping in late the next day, then don’t worry about your studies. You still have time to catch up —with the right skills. Here’s how to pull an all-nighter, so you can party hard and still get that grade.

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