How To Be The Best Applicant For Your Perfect Apartment

    In a previous blog, Seal the Deal with the Landlord, I made a few suggestions about how to impress the landlord so that you can ‘seal the deal’ to get the apartment. I’ve since found tips on MSN Real Estate which echo my advice while giving a little more in-depth instruction on how to be […]

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    How Do I Get My Security Deposit Back With a Pet?

    If you’re renting an apartment with a pet, you realize some of the financial obligations you are faced with such as pet deposits, monthly pet fees, etc. But what you may not have taken into consideration is having a pet at the end of your lease could cost you a lot more if you aren’t […]

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    Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

    Are you experiencing some difficulty decorating your apartment? As I’m sure you already know, decorating a small space so that it looks good and works well can be a challenge. There are several factors to take into consideration when you’re trying to figure out the style, space limitations, paint restrictions, budget, etc. So I’ve compiled […]

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    Easter Egg Hunt for Your Apartment Community

    Most adults and older teens think that participating in an Easter egg hunt may be a little too childish. Well, we’ve come up with an Easter egg hunt for kids and adults alike to enjoy this Easter! Hide eggs around your apartment community for kids to find. Place them in fairly obvious spots so the […]

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    Steak & Guinness Pie

    If you feel like having a traditional Irish meal this St. Patrick’s day, what better way than having Steak & Guinness Pie? Exported from MasterCook, check out the below recipe to make your own…

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    Traditional Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day

    If you plan on celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day this year, make sure you do so with traditional Irish foods.  Here are great recipes for Corned Beef and Cabbage that you can make this holiday! Nutritional Value: Per serving: 553 calories, 36g protein, 40g fat, 2808 mg sodium, 11g carbohydrates, 135 mg cholesterol. *Exported from MasterCook* […]

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    Easter Recipes for Kids

      You have enough on your plate this month with Easter rolling around, pictures needing to be taken and baskets to be assembled. Why not have your little ones help you out this Easter dinner? Below are really easy and simple recipes for you and your little helpers!

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    5 Tips for Easter Decorations

    Are you looking to add a little spring to your apartment? Bringing the outside in is a perfect way to welcome the glorious weather and of course, Easter! So to help add festive decor to your home, here are 5 tips: Flowers The essence of spring is that plants/flowers start to bloom. Having the outside […]

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    St. Patrick’s Party Ideas

    So this year you want to host a fun green filled St. Patrick’s Day party, huh? Well, follow these tips and you’re sure to not disappoint! Tip 1: Invitations As always, we start our hosting parties with letting the guest list know who, what, where, when, etc. These invitations can be hand crafted, store bought […]

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  • DIY

    St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

    Children and Adults will enjoy doing the crafts this holiday. It’s a good way to add holiday spirit with fun activities that’ll instantly give your home a festive look! Just put your creative minds together and take a stab at one of these crafty ideas: Pot of Gold Party Favor: For this simple activity, all […]

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    How much should I spend on rent? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This rental calculator will help you determine how much rent you can afford based on your annual income.

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