• DIY

    An Easy, Temporary Dog Bathing Solution for Renters

    Easily convert the shower at your rental apartment into a dog bathing station with this simple and temporary DIY solution.

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    Dog Park Etiquette

    Make the dog park experience amazing for your dog, other dog park users and yourself!

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    Training Tips for Dogs

    Start training your little guy early! Puppies are more likely to learn and adapt to training technique. But if you have an older dog doesn’t get discouraged! Persistence is key. Use positive reinforcement. By keeping an encouraging tone both you and your furry friend will be more apt to enjoy the training process. Be sure […]

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    What Pet is Right for You?

    Having a hard time deciding what kind of pet is best for your living situation?  Here are some pros and cons of pets to help you decide what fits you!   The Dog: Good:  Energetic, loving, playful, attention-loving and will give you more attention than any other pet. Bad:  A lot of time and effort […]

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    The Battle of Cats versus Dogs

    Pets can be a wonderful and therapeutic addition to your lifestyle. If you have decided upon getting an animal, which do you go with: cat or dog? While many people favor either cats or dogs, there are some people who are borderline about which furry friend to include in their lives. Consider these variables when […]

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    Dog Park Tips

    Top 10 Tips on the Local Dog Park 10.  Be prepared! – Bring a leash, bags to pick up messes, and water for your thirsty pup!  NEVER bring food. 9.  Know Your Dog – Know the temperament of your canine.  If it’s a little more hostile or not as people friendly, you need to stay […]

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    What is the best way to move my dog to a new apartment?

    If you’re moving with dogs to a new apartment, make the transition easier by packing a bag and having a solid plan. Put together a special “doggie bag” for moving day with the essentials in it: food and a dish (along with a can opener if needed), bottled water, a few treats, a towel, clean […]

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    The Puppy-Plex

    Maybe you are celebrating 2010 with a new addition to the family – a puppy! Finding an apartment community that allows pets was only half the battle. Now you have the challenge of housebreaking that little bundle of joy. Paper training and housebreaking are two of the more popular training techniques. In paper training, the […]

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    Pet Safety During Thanksgiving

    During this holiday season it is important to factor in the safety of all of your family members; even the little furry ones! You’d be surprised what dangers are lurking for your family pet during this festive season. So to help out all of our pet-friendly readers, we have compiled a list of items to […]

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    Five Tips to Consider Before Getting a Dog

    We posted a blog in August of last year, about how to ‘Find the Right Dog for Your Apartment Living‘. In it we provided some tips on what to consider before getting a dog, such as daily schedule, children, environment, etc. We cannot stress enough how important it is to be completely aware of all […]

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  • Monthly Rental Calculator

    How much should I spend on rent? Don't worry, we've got you covered! This rental calculator will help you determine how much rent you can afford based on your annual income.

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