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    Transfer Photos From Paper to Wood

    What a cute way to display your favorite pictures! Here’s the easy-peasy tutorial to transfer your photos to wood! Supplies: Gel medium Picture Wood Bowl of water Rag Mod Podge First cover your entire slab of wood with gel medium, and then place your picture face down on the wood. Smooth out all the bubbles, […]

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    Have that perfect picture that should be framed and sold as posters?  Or the moment caught that needs a little caption?  PinWords is a site made just for putting words to those precious moments captured.  It couldn’t be easier to use! Simply: 1.  Go to the site. 2.  Upload your photo. 3.  Choose the placement. […]

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    Become A Smartphone Photographer

    There’s no denying social media is gonna be stickin’ around for awhile.  Instagram is a fast-rising social app that is an all-time population favorite with the masses.  It allows for quick-snapping, photo-sharing and it allows users to visually update followers. Instagram allows users to go from camera phone snapper to smartphone photographer in no time.  […]

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    New Year-New You

      New Year’s resolutions are believed to be a tradition that started in Roman history.  Janus, a mythical king of early Rome, was placed at the head of the calendar.  The Romans named January after Janus, because he was the God of Gates and Doors.  He is also portrayed with two faces; one face looking […]

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    5 Essentials for Ringing in the New Year

        New Year’s Eve is only a day away and you are trying to narrow your list on how to make the most of your night.  Whether you are hosting a small get-together at your place or hitting up the biggest bash in town, there are five essentials, I keep in mind, to plan […]

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